Giga-Journal: Fate/Must Read Monday!

Giga-Journal: Fate/Must Read Monday!

Things YOU Should Play and/or Watch!


How I Started Playing Fate/Stay Night Again!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Nov. 21st

   Hello again my Giga-Lander friends! I hope you are doing well on this Thanksgiving Week! I hope you all are ready for some turkey this week, because I absolutely can’t wait! And pumpkin pie! I know I’m small for my size, but I can guarantee even I’m gonna gain some weight this week!

How SAlter flies through space! Simple Santa logic!

How SAlter flies through space! Simple Santa logic!

   That aside, I’ve been dumping even more time into Fate/Grand Order this past week. Thankfully for the likes of me, a plebeian who only started this year, they have been re-doing events from the prior year to help the fans out. Today the previous Christmas Event finishes. Titled, “Santa Alter for About a Week”, it stars Saber Alter who goes around as Santa Alter giving out selfish gifts to all the self-centered servants to make the world a better place! . . .  Are you asking how she flies? Simple, you fool! As you are her trusted reindeer, obviously, she uses her Noble Phantasm (E******** Morgan) to jet-propel herself through the skies! Simple Santa logic you knaves! Thankfully someone has translated it so everyone can enjoy the fun times with not-tsundere Santa Alter, lovingly nicknamed “SAlter”.

  Speaking of Fate though . . . I’ve FINALLY gotten around to starting up Fate/Stay Night again! As I am a die-hard Rin fan, my true route was Unlimited Blade Works because that’s all I needed. But after a full year of nagging, David has finally gotten me to start up on the final (and longest) route, Heaven’s Feel. I dumped a good 4-5 hours or so into it this weekend whenever I had time. Sadly, these HUMANS who call themselves my friends and family pulled me away from the best book I’ve ever laid my eyes on to do HUMAN things! Either way, I’ve been proven wrong at every corner and I’m more than a little pissed at myself for not jumping into this story much sooner. Go me!




   This season of anime just keeps getting crazier. I’ve been avidly watching Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku this season, the new dark-magical-girl anime of the year, and this past week’s episode literally had me jumping out of my chair and verbally exclaiming profanities at my TV. I’m wrong about a lot of things . . . Ok, MOST things . . . But, I can usually call something that’s going to happen in shows about half-way through. I need to let all of you know that I have been wrong about EVERY.SINGLE.THING this anime has brought up. Everything. People keep dying and I keep shouting at how uniquely grotesque this cutesy art style starts to get, then I wonder even more how they can keep going with the story! IT’S TEARING ME APART!

   On a separate note, I’ve been a fan of a Youtuber named SuperEyePatchWolf for a little while now. Besides his amazing accent, the guy can really put out some decent videos on what things are good and why they are good. In a similar, yet still unique, fashion to Mother’s Basement, Wolf really brings a lot of psycho-coligy (incoming joke) to the table and delves pretty deeply into the history of what’s he’s talking about. The only reason I bring this up is because he recently did a video on Why You Should Watch Mob Psycho 100. Please watch it, then watch the show. That is all.

  Anyway, that’s it for me today Giga-Friends. I hope you have a great day and an even better Thanksgiving because I’m thankful for every single person who reads my garbage writing! YOU VINDICATE ME AND VALIDATE MY EXISTENCE!

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