Giga-Journal: Mini Rave Review Monday!

Giga-Journal: Mini Rave Review Monday!

Tales of Berseria Does Not Disappoint!

Mini-Review Day!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Feb. 6th

   Hello again Giga-Landers! If you missed me last week, you actually didn’t! Because I was busy writing and posting my initial review article last week! I had to get all my anime feels out ASAP. But, more on that later.

Not only is the fighting way more fun, it’s pleasingly aesthetic too!

  I’ve been playing Tales of Berseria pretty consistently lately. Except for today, because I am writing this. Thanks guys. . .  Anyway, I’m actually really enjoying the game so far. I wouldn’t say it’s an ode to stellar writing in video games or absolutely ground-breaking in the industry, but it is definitely fun and MOST definitely leaps, bounds, and light years ahead of Tales of Zestiria on every front. The battle system brings back a lot of uniqueness with every character, something that Zestiria forgot was a thing, and everyone you play as has their own style and within those styles is a “type” that you can make for them. What I mean is: You have 12 different slots to make your own combos, in any way you want. No longer are you tied to one single set of attacks in a single combo, you can put any move in any order and play any character the way that you see fit!

  I know it doesn’t sound like some kind of revelation, but it adds a huge level of depth to the combat system that most of the other games were missing. The story itself is pretty good on its own too. For once, you’re not playing,  as David would say, “Some kind of happy-go-lucky chuckle-fuck who uses optimism for every situation”. – Or something to that effect. This time, you’re ostensibly the bad guy in this world. Whether or not Velvet has a good reason to want revenge on the people who wronged her and whether or not she deserves her revenge is less apart of the story. It’s about how she doesn’t care how “good” these people are and she doesn’t care whether or not their saving the world. All that matters is she uses anything and everything to make sure they’re dead, and she isn’t at the end of the day.

The choreographed fights during cut-scenes are great too. The added benefit of the emotional depth definitely helps but, who doesn’t enjoy cheering for the bad guy from time to time?

  It’s definitely got my attention. And before you weeaboos start clamoring about how great the dual audio is, I highly recommend playing in both English AND Japanese. Velvet’s English voice, the highly talented Cristina Vee, does an absolutely stellar job not to mention how amazing Eizen is. It’s weird . . . almost like they knew what kind of character they were playing . . . right!? At least give them both a shot, they’re both very, very good!


  KonoSuba is already anime of the year, and if you’re not watching, we’re not friends. I’m kidding please don’t leave me.

Because context doesn’t matter in this show. Only being the bigger scumbag. This show speaks to my HEART!

  But, seriously, KonoSuba has been absolutely hilarious this season and I’m finding that I look forward to it more every single week. It’s unique dose of comedy paired with a rag-tag group of rag-tag scumbags brings a lot of ridiculous situations to the front that would otherwise never exist in a situation with a straight-man present. It’s definitely one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fun. If you’re a robot who hates fun and humanity, watch it anyway and reconsider your total war on the human race. Please.

  On another note, Little Witch Academia is also really fun to watch. It’s explained a lot as, “Harry Potter but in anime form” but that is wrong. Little Witch Academia isn’t boring and also doesn’t take a HUNDRED books to get to the damn point. Also, it’s actually fun. Take that nerds.

  Anyway, watch both. Now. Yesterday in fact.

  This is not a request!

  Anyway, that’s it for me today! I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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