Giga-Journal: Bebop ‘n Blues Monday!

Giga-Journal: Bebop ‘n Blues Monday!

Where You Start, Where You End

Trying To Experience It All Again

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Mar. 6th

   Hello my Giga-Friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful week . . . and last week as well! I forgot to pay for the site . . . then my phone started dying . . . also, another excuse! Anyway, I’m back, for the seven of you who care, and I’m ready to start writing about anime at the end of the season! Spoiler Alert: KonoSuba S2 is already anime of the year. Don’t try to top it.

A cast so different, yet so similar, that they’re hard not to love and remember fondly. P.S Faye was every boy’s first anime crush.

  In that same regard, I was talking to a co-worker recently about why I liked anime. I am most certainly a nerd, and I have no problem admitting that, but my co-worker was one of the few that was interested but never watched for the same reason a lot of people don’t watch: preconceived notions. A lot of people on the “outside” assume that anime is either about “power fantasy”(e.g high powered action fights with no story whatsoever), or tits and ass. While that’s sadly true for an extremely large part of anime nowadays, that isn’t true for all of us. With good taste anyway.

  So he asked, “what is your favorite anime and where should I get started?”. To me, one thing always rises to the surface with a question like that. One anime springs to the top and has been the foremost anime in my heart and mind since I was a kid. That anime is Cowboy Bebop.


One of the most iconic scenes and lines in anime from the 19th century.

Much like the music styling that is Bebop, Cowboy Bebop performs in a lot of different ways, all of which are done well. Some are weird, sure, but Shinichiro Watanabe has always had a weird side to him. Shortly after expressing my love for the show to my co-worker, one of my favorite Youtubers, SuperEyePatchWolf, released a video on “Why You Should (re)Watch: Cowboy Bebop”. As always, he delicately words the the things that I think about the show that make it amazing, but also pointed out something I hadn’t noticed myself: Watching Cowboy Bebop as a kid and watching as an adult have two different meanings entirely.  Spike has gone through a lot of crap in life and he goes through a lot of crap in life but, as a kid, we never really notice the nuanced performance of the actors until we’re a bit older. Why Spike does some of the weird things he does, the things I never understood as a kid, make a lot more sense to me now because we’ve been through some crap ourselves in life.

  I highly suggest watching Cowboy Bebop in general, and watching it again if you haven’t in a long time. It’s almost like a completely new show when you get to it again. It’s the one show that made me turn. The show that got me to love anime as a whole and it’s very close to my heart for more reasons than just that. The music is pretty stellar too. Yoko Kano has always been at the top of my list, alongside Yuki Kaijura, when it comes to making soundtracks.

  If you ever get the time, and need something to watch, Cowboy Bebop is definitely something you’ll want to try. It not only effected me, but an entire generation of anime-watchers now. The ones who would stay up past curfew until midnight to watch Adult Swim, just so they could watch this show. An entire generation of kids who didn’t know what the medium of “anime” was until we watched this show.

  If I can’t convince you, maybe SuperEyePatchWolf can get you to give it a try. In a sexy Irish accent I might add! (Video below!)

  Well, I know it turned into more of a mini-anime-review this time, but I hope you guys have a wonderful day and an even better week!

  See you next time, Space Cowboys! -J.R


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