Giga-Journal: Messy Monday!

Giga-Journal: Messy Monday!

Too Busy To Have No Life!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, May. 1st


Hold Ups: When a slingshot becomes a deadly weapon! . . .Yes, the cat is using a slingshot to hold up a goat. Saying that out loud makes you sound really insane. . .

Hello again Giga-Landers, I hope you’re having a wonderful and less busy Monday than me! It’s been a crazy week and I haven’t had nearly enough time to play Persona 5 because of these friends and family things I have! Hmm… Seems like my priorities are a little backwards there. Such is the life of a gamer!

 Speaking of, P5 has been a lot of fun lately and I’ve really been enjoying my time with it. I’ve recently come across a new skill that I can use in battle that comes with the new “Hold Up” system: I can hustle downed monster for money and items several times in a row! This is important because it makes me feel strong! . . . I mean, money savvy! I will say, I get a sick sense of accomplishment out of holding up a monster, stealing it’s money over and over until it tells me “No!”, letting them call a friend, and then robbing them blind too! It helps when you hit about 100k Yen for one battle, and you shout “GIVE ME YOUR WALLET!”. I’m sorry, I can’t help myself and my Phantom Thievery!

P.S I absolutely adore the soundtrack to this game. In fact, I came across one that I just can’t get out of my damn head (link at the bottom)!


  I’ve basically picked out the anime I’m going to watch for the season at this point, aside from two: Re:Creators and Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism. Both of which I’m fairly hesitant on keeping up with, but something I find slightly enjoyable at the same time.

Re:Creators: ALL the genres of anime!

 The former seems interesting until you get to the core of the show in that it basically feels like a giant self-insert fanfiction. It basically covers an amalgamation of different anime genre, from mecha to magical girl, all getting mixed up in to our world. The show doesn’t seem to know where it wants to go yet, and the second episode was a large exposition dump, but the animation is nice and the setting still has my interest piqued, however little.

 The latter is another battle high-school anime, but focuses more on comedy (and ecchi) that anything else. The main character is a delinquent being reformed at a delinquent school where the bosses are all badass sword-wielding females. That part is important, because upskirts. The main character is at least fun to behold, as is his voice actor’s performance, and movements of the fights are decently animated. Although, the martial arts could use a little more attention. “Not breathing to strike harder” isn’t actually a thing, guys!

  Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Landers. I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better week!



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