Giga-Journal: Too Busy To Watch E3 Mondays!

Giga-Journal: Too Busy To Watch E3 Mondays!

Not Only Is This Title NOT An Alliteration . . .

It’s Also Really Long

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, June 12th

 Hello again, Giga-Friends! I hope you’re doing well today! . . . and also last week! Due to my new work schedule I ended up completely forgetting to write last week. Unfortunately for me, I’m working a much later shift and everyone at work had to move seats, which is a weird concept especially when you have a cubicle. Like, your home, someplace you’ve been accustomed to for the last year or so, now belongs to someone else. And now you inhabit someone else’ home and you’re afraid they have disgusting germs and you have to spend 45mins cleaning the desk to make sure you don’t get any of their nasty diseases.

Is that what you’re supposed to bring to a press conference!?

. . . No one?

. . . Just me?

Got it.

 Anyway, E3 is happening now and Square-Enix is playing “the floor is lava” with Kingdom Hearts 3 as the floor, once again. Though I can’t say I don’t get some kind of sick satisfaction out of hearing that it’s been delayed AGAIN. The headliner for the entire show so far has been Devolver Digital’s press conference. I say “press conference” but what I really mean is “press show”. This is the standard by which I am going to judge ALL press conferences from this point onward. Going so far as to literally throw money at screens, shoot of revolver guns in the middle of the conference, and making someone’s head literally explode, I think they’re in the running for having won E3 at this point. Link at the bottom.



I also still really appreciate the original art for Grimoire of Zero.

 I’ve been a huge fan of Grimoire of Zero since it began because of how cute and great the interactions between the two main characters has been. Recently, though, Zero has taken much of a backseat in the show because of her separation from Mercenary. One episode after their departure, there was one episode in particular that highlights the Mercenary’s specific life problems and how he became so distrustful. It was a terribly depressing episode that told a great story that didn’t need to recount several minutes of backstory-exposition, and let us know how Mercenary has had to live his life up until that point. Sadly, the next couple episodes weren’t quite as good and focused more on getting the story wrapped up for the season than it did on my favorite parts.

That’s not to say I’m not enjoying it! Because I most certainly love this show and what it has to offer! So much so that I started playing to mobage in Japanese. . . . . . I still recommend watching this show if you’re more into fantasy shows or something that thrives on character interactions.


  Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Landers! I hope you have a great day and an even better week! -J.R



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