Giga-Journal: Multitude of Swimsuits Monday!

Giga-Journal: Multitude of Swimsuits Monday!

Why Does Luck Hate Me So Much!?

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, August 14th


You thought it was someone in Persona 5 that was the traitor, but it was DIO BRANDO!

   Hello again, Giga-Landers! It’s been a busy week, hell I can barely even believe it’s Monday. I’ve actually been recruited by an old company I used to work for, so I’ll be doing contract work again! What does that mean? More money! Also, I have to work at 6:00AM. . .  Well, the trade-off is great, I’ll admit.

  Anyway, I’ve finally been catching up on Persona 5 and I’m apparently pretty close the ending now. I was a little surprised with how the twist was handled and not in a bad way. It becomes pretty apparent who the traitor is fairly early on. The game gives you a water-drip of hints from early on that are pretty hard to pick up on. However, near the end, it becomes exceedingly obvious. The biggest part about the twist isn’t figuring who it was, but how you navigate the conversation to make other people believe that. I’m honestly floored, looking back at it, and I’m really excited to finish the game. And also a little sad I’ll be finishing such a fun game so soon.

I know it’s not -actually- Rin, but I’m still happy to have her as a welfare servant!

 On the other hand, I’ve been heavily grinding on Fate/Grand Order because their second Summer/Swimsuit event has finally started! There is a TON of reading to be done with this event and it comes with a whole lot of headaches and dry eyes, but I appreciate the ridiculous references and throwbacks that I can genuinely look past it all. Although I’ve spent about 1/2 my quartz rolling for swimsuit servants, and getting a whole lot of NOTHING, I’m still overjoyed to get a welfare Ishtar(Rin) as a reward for finishing the event.

Spotlight goes to Nobu who does a literal Kamehameha as an attack and also has a Jojo-esque stand for some reason.



  Have you heard that Boku no Hero Academia is amazing? Because it totally is. In fact, it’s so good that I ended up buying the English Blu-rays so I could get my family to watch. Go me.

I promise, it isn’t actually this cute. DON’T BE FOOLED!

 On the other hand, another sleeper hit this year will probably be one of my favorites this season – Princess Principal. Despite having one of the girliest name this season, it’s a show about lying, stealing gov’t secrets, and female spies. The whole show is premised around a Victorian-era steam punk-styled London that had split itself in two similar to Germany. It centers around a group of female spies pulling information and other useful resources from their opposition in an attempt to make their leader Queen to finally rid their country of a Civil War.

 While it looks cute and sweet with it’s arty-style, it is definitely anything but. The first episode alone will make you sure of that. The biggest bonus of the show is how it’s run in much of a Haruhi kinda way where the episodes are basically out of order and you need to put the peices together yourself. I definitely recommend watching, especially for Yuki Kajiura’s music.


 Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Friends! I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better week! -J.R

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