Giga-Journal: Waiting on Mail Monday!

Giga-Journal: Waiting on Mail Monday!

So Much Anime, So Little Time (Soon)

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, August 28th

  Hello again Giga-Friends! I hope you’re all starting off the week pretty well! I, on the other hand, have been a little bit delayed getting into my new job. But, sometimes, that’s what you need to expect. I just look at it as a mini-vacation to transition from my old job to the new!

This is The Orphan of Kos. He is disgusting, and creepy, and extremely difficult. You should hate him.

  On the other hand, I’ve been slowly trudging through my games, making a lot of leeway in Persona 5 and just a little more in Bloodborne. In the former, I know I’m definitely near the end as tensions are crazy high and everything you do needs to be very clandestine. But, how the twist is handled really makes the game worth playing. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I really do appreciate the good writing that goes into something like that. However, in Bloodborne, I’ve hit something of a boss wall. David says that it’s probably one of the hardest bosses he’s ever faced in a video game, and that he may have had to try upwards of 50 times to beat it. Well. . .  I’m on my third try so far and just barely made it phase 2. . . Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take that long.

  I’ve recently discovered a new channel, which I don’t know if I brought this up before, called The Drawfee Channel where they try to recount characters from anime/games/media and draw them from memory or, if they don’t know what the source material is, they draw from the most vague of details given to them by their friends. It’s probably one of the most entertaining channels I’ve come across in a long time, and I highly recommend checking out the Dark Souls video they did, you definitely get your weight in laughs back.



  The new anime season is coming along nicely and I’ve found a lot I really enjoy about this season. Unfortunately we don’t have much time left with this season, so I’m hoping everything wraps up nicely.

Subtle, yet hilarious.

  Another show I found called Gamers! is probably one of the funnier shows this season. It’s a normal rom/com in a sense that it is about highschoolers and their awkward/stupid romances. The main character is a boy who is socially inept and mostly lives his life through video games or social media. One day, the cutest girl in school asks him to join her Gaming club and that turning point changes his high school life forever. After finding a group of friends he can connect with, the MC find a new aspect of life, and maybe love, that he’d never experienced before.

  The best part about the show is how relatable it is. I was somewhat similar in high school until I found my friends too, and it’s hard to imagine what life was like before them, and before I came out of my own shell. The comedy has a lot of high points that allude to video games without out-right stating “HA! JOKE FROM X GAME!” that so many anime seem to be fond of nowadays. Hell, my inner nerd freaks out a lot just because of the games they’re playing! Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and Persona 4: Arena to name a few. I’ve definitely been having a blast and I really hope to see it continue in the future.

  Anyway, that’s it for me today Giga-Landers! I hope you have a wonderful Monday and an even better week!

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