Giga-Journal: An Abundance of Adversaries Monday!

Giga-Journal: An Abundance of Adversaries Monday!

Hack’n’Slash Until You Can’t Slash No More!

And When You’re Done, Read Some Manga. . .

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Sept. 4th

   Hello again, Giga-Friends! I hope you’re having a good Labor Day! And if you’re working, I hope it’s been an easy day for you! As for myself, I’ve been doing training all day long as mandated by the government so I know not to explode things and also how to fight terrorists (/sarcasm).

Lu Bu, Marie Rose, AND Nobunyaga? Yes, it’s THAT kind of cross-over game.

  Anyway, during my down time I’ve actually been playing games! . . . Not Persona though, unfortunately. I recently picked up Warriors All-Stars this past week and have been chilling out with that instead. Like it sounds, it’s another Dynasty Warriors-esque hack’n’slash kinda game where they pull characters from tons of different games and let you kill thousands of monsters on a screen. The story seems to be more focused this time, on furries I guess, which is kinda weird. But, it’s split into three different branches and where you start and who you align with depends on which character you start with. However, in favor of a an ever-so-slightly better story, there is a much smaller roster with this specific game. Apparently the rule was only “three characters from each game”, so it’s only about 30-40 big. But, I do appreciate the character-specific dialogue they included, though, it helps being a little originality to the game. It’s a decent first step for a new franchise, so I do hope it pans out pretty well in the future. Only, with less furries.


Tower Of God’s MC, Bam.

In manga news, I recently picked up a Korean “Manhwa” that I’d stopped reading about 6 years ago called “Tower of God“. It’s extremely good, and I do highly recommend it to start off. It centers on a young man named “Bam” who, of his own volition, enters the Tower of God to find his friend Rachel. The reason he’s important is because, normally, you can’t voluntarily enter, you must be chosen and Bam has become known as an irregular in the test to ascent the Tower. Unfortunately for him, the Administrators of the Tower don’t take too kindly to this and rig most of the tests against him. But, at the top of the Tower of God, you are promised whatever your heart desires, and seemingly nothing and no one can stop Bam from finding what he wants. It’s an incredibly  original story with a deep world and characters to go along with it. I highly recommend it, again, if you’re looking for something of the fantasy/seinen/anything interesting genre.


  I’m still sad that this season is nearing its end as there are a lot of very good shows airing this season.

Look at all the couples I’m allowed to love!

  Another one I recently picked up due to two of my friends talking very highly about it is Tsurezure Children. It’s definitely a comedy/slice-of-life, but it’s honestly a show I think most anyone can get into. It basically centers on several different groups and their romantic relationships, but the selling point isn’t just the comedy. If you’ve ever watched an anime that never shows the main couple getting together, where there’s so much angst that you can’t take it anymore, or where it takes at least 12 episodes for them to even admit they like each other, Tsurezure Children is the catharsis you need! I PROMISE! It jumps right in to the relationships with the all the confessions up front and moves forward from there. If you need the cathartic feel of laughing at angsty shoujo/romance anime in the rear view mirror, I HIGHLY suggest watching this show. You’ll be glad you did.


  Anyway, that’s it for me today Giga-Friends! I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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