Giga-Journal: Super tired Tuesday…….

Giga-Journal: Super tired Tuesday…….

Dear Giga-Journal

Man I am pooped. If you read JR’s Monday journal you will know why if not I guess I can tell you. So this past weekend JR and myself drove up to LA again to attend Pacific Media Expo 2014 (PMX2014). This would mark our third year attending PMX as press. Now before I get into what we did let me first say thank you to the PMX staff for being so kind and helpful, you guys did a great job this year! Now onto my PMX……it’s was so amazing!!!!! I gotta this year was probably the best PMX I have had so far. We meet so many cool and nice people from cosplayers to just regular fans. One of the highlights for me was getting to meet and shoot with Tenleid cosplay  she was incredibly nice and sweet……and later very hurtful but I’ll chock that up to the cosplay she was wearing and she was staying in character. The funny thing from meeting her was meeting her boyfriend Matt, whom I spent little over a hour with talking about Gundam models and other Gundam facts. Matt if your reading this you are a bro for life in my book!

IMG_1865 IMG_2223 IMG_1922

The weekend was full of photo shoots and I learned a lot about lighting from an old friend. To all the cosplayers and people not in codplay who let me take your photo let me say thank you! Because with out you I would have not had such an amazing weekend! I always feel that I walk away from PMX with more friends than when I walked in. It’s a great social convention that is just small enough to get to know people and just big enough to bring in a awesome crowd.

IMG_1930 IMG_1950 IMG_1966

My one regret is that I didn’t go to any panels this year. I remember last year we went to a ton of panels but this year not so much. I did however realize that doing photo shoots takes up a lot of time and energy. Also one last thing a big thank you to Milly for making this PMX super fun and crazy, you were making everyone laugh all weekend long. I also can’t wait to see that cosplay video Richard is making staring you XD Pacific Milly Expo 2014!


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