Giga-Journal: Money-Saving Monday!

Giga-Journal: Money-Saving Monday!

Things That Are Good, Things That Are Popular, and Things I Didn’t Buy!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Dec. 4th

Hello again, my Giga-Friends! I hope you’re doing well today, as always. At least, better than me! Sleep is a special thing, friends.

The poster for the F/GO Stage Play that recounted Camelot. Yes, it was that good. (Pic taken from AnimeNewsNetwork)

Anyway, with all that’s been going on with the Thanksgiving and Christmas, I haven’t had too much free time, unfortunately for me and my non-Persona-finishing self. I have however finally finished the Camelot chapter in Fate/Grand Order!! It was . . . men. My dude friends. Have you ever had that feeling where you need to stand up, but then you lean forward and put your hands on your knees, but then stand up straight up your hands on your hips and heave a really heavy sigh, then finally put your hands on your head (or keep them on your hips) and pace back and forth? That’s the feeling I felt. It was a spectacular chapter and I enjoyed reading it more than I enjoyed getting my revenge on Gawain. Damnit, this game keeps getting better and better.

 Anyway, since Black Friday has come and gone, I thought I’d share what I got. Oh wait, I decided not to get anything because all the computer part sales I was looking for sucked! I was looking to build a new gaming PC but the Graphics card and Processor I wanted, and most expensive pieces, weren’t on sale. To drive the point home, most of the other things I needed to get weren’t marked down very much either. Without a $700 GUI and $400 Processor, it still came out to about $1,200. So I told myself I’d just wait for a ACTUAL sale and grab the parts one by one.

 I did however buy SuperDimension Neptunia: Sega Hard Girls on Steam for less than half price. . . and also a Neptunia theme for Windows. . .  I am the worst kind of weab trash!



Say what you want about Sword, but the dude knows how to eat . . . and fight.

One anime airing this season I haven’t mentioned outside my insanely amazing and awesome article is Garo -Vanishing Line-. Garo has been a long running Toku series that always stars a Golden Knight with wolf-like armor who fight monsters known as “Horrors”. This particular anime centers on a man named Sword who is trying to find the source of the Horrors in Russell City and also investigating “El Dorado”.  It starts out with a fairly “Monster of the Week” formula while introducing his Makai Alchemists,the newest episodes have gotten pretty real. The bystander in all this is a young orphan named Sophie who is looking for her brother who disappeared one day and her only clue is, again, El Dorado.

 At first it was fairly boring, but the most recent events and the fight that ensued put all that to rest. After this previous encounter I fell in love with the show because of how brilliantly the fight was animated. The boxing was on point and the weapon battles were fluid and gorgeous. I can recommend it now that it’s hit its stride and, even if you don’t know anything about the previous Garo series (like me), you can still really enjoy this show.


 Anyway that’s it for me today Giga-Friends. I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better week! -J.R

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