Giga-Journal: Merry Underworld Monday!

Giga-Journal: Merry Underworld Monday!

Reading Way Too Much Japanese

And Still Not Done Christmas Shopping. . .

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Dec. 18th

  Hello again, my Giga-Friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful week before Christmas! I don’t know about everyone else, but here in San Diego a ton of people take time off the week before Christmas (sometimes the week of Christmas) and stay away until the New Year. It’s great for those of us that work on, or around, the military bases because it turns a 1-hr drive into a 20-30min one! Yay Christmas!

The new “Best Girl” of Fate/Grand Order. ALL HAIL ERISHKIGAL!

 Since it’s been so calm around here lately, I’ve been playing a ton of catch-up on my handheld games and reading . . .  don’t tell anyone. I’ve mostly been getting through the story in Fate/Grand Order (what’s new?) and I finished the Babylon chapter in about two weeks. With as much reading as there was, I am very proud of myself! While the chapter wasn’t quite as good as Camelot, it really expounded upon a lot of the characters and specialized mostly in character development. The winners this time were Gilgamesh (Caster), Medusa (Lily), and especially Erishkigal (Mesopotamian Queen of the Underworld). Erish, a Rin-face character, ended up being really endearing; one of those moe characters you expect to be a cardboard cutout, but ends up being really empathetic and someone you really want to root for because of how much her life sucked. At least she stars in her own Christmas event now! Merry Christmas, Erish!

 The chapter went very anime in the end, but it was still very fun and how it explored the past of both Medusa and King Gilgamesh really helped flesh out the characters as a whole from the long-standing franchise. Gil’s hatred towards humanity is easily understood after having helped him save his country, I’m just a little sad they didn’t explore his friendship with Enkidu a little more. All in all, an amazing chapter and I can’t wait for the U.S version to catch up.

 On a random side note, hope you guys are getting your Christmas shopping done better than I am. . .



  Alas, many of our shows are going to be ending this week. Unfortunately, a lot of them are fun shows too. But, like I always say, “Anime fans have five Christmas. . . es . . . a year! One for every new season of anime, and one for the real Christmas!” I really do enjoy going through the new anime every season to look for fun things to watch or hidden gems to unearth. WorldEnd and Made in Abyss really pulled through for me on that end this year.

No one can ever say Ballroom wasn’t cute though! P.S Chizuru best girl.

 This season, we lost Welcome to the Ballroom, a show that started in Summer. While it was fun to watch, in the sense that it makes you care about something you otherwise wouldn’t know about, it died down a little in the end. My one wish was that it could have had one whole dance scene, completely uninterrupted and animated like the rest of the main dances. However, that never really happens. Most of the important dances are broken apart with exposition or backstory and stock animation to help save costs, and it really shows at the end of the run. However, it was a genuinely fun show to watch and growing along with young Tatara was very much enjoyable in the end.  I do recommend it for anyone in to sports anime as it was fun in the very same sense as all sports anime are.


 Anyway, that’s it for me today Giga-Friends. I hope you have a wonderful day, and an extremely Merry Christmas. I truly do. -J.R

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