Giga-Journal: Merriment (Past-Tense) Tuesday!

Giga-Journal: Merriment (Past-Tense) Tuesday!

Merry After Christmas Day!

. . . STILL Not Done Wrapping Gifts!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Tuesday, Dec. 26th


  Hello again, Giga-Friends, and for the last time this year!

  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year, or whichever Holiday you celebrate, this past week. As for me, and as always, I ate way too much and am still recovering from the “itis”. It’s a powerful enemy, this “itis”. . .

All hail the greatest and worst tsundere, Erishkigal (NOT Rin). ALL HAIL!

  Anyway, I’ve still been working, barely. Since everyone is basically taking a two week vacation, I’m finally able to catch up on work . . . and when I’m done with that I can catch up on video games! Not that I would play video games or watch anime at work . . . (maybe).

 Fate/Grand Order (Japan) had its Christmas event that ended yesterday and you can definitely tell Kinoko Nasu (writer of the original Visual Novel) had a hand in this one. It starred our dear Erishkigal, Queen of the Underworld and worst (best) tsundere on the planet. And although the ending was the happiest of all, I would even call it bittersweet, it was a very good event. Hard to say if it was better than the Jeanne Alter Santa Lily (Lancer) event last year, but extremely enjoyable nonetheless. Attila the Sun(ta) (San[ta]) was the santa I didn’t know I needed.

 On a side note, Final Fantasy XIV had a Christmas event as well . . .  and we got a flying bear that throws fireworks! YES!




  So much anime is ending already and it’s breaking my heart. Kekkai Sensen was absolutely fantastic, Net-juu no Susume was stellar and adorable, Blend S was hilarious/ridiculous, and I’m going to miss them all. On the flip side (even though it hasn’t ended yet), Fate/Apocrypha has become a cacophony of WHAT THE F—!? As much as I love the Fate series, I can’t recommend this show after how much it’s spiralled in the last several weeks.

Didn’t want to look for a pic of Apocrypha, so here’s an awesome pic of Kekkai Sensen. NOW GO WATCH IT!

 The biggest tragedy of the series was the waste of Mordred and her character/story altogether. By far the only interesting character in the show, Mordred was back-seated to a point where she had a total on-screen time of about 30 mins in 24 episodes. It was really a waste since she and her master were the only really interesting characters in the show. And the end of episode 23 had me shaking my head in shame as well. Jeanne d’Arc was basically turned from an unbeatable Ruler-class servant to another damsel in distress because she fell in love with a piece of cardboard . . . I mean a homunculus or something. . . It’s turning out to be quite the . . . something? I don’t recommend it, honestly. But there were plenty of other awesome shows this season to take its place! *cough* Kekkai Sensen *cough*


  Anyway, that’s it for me today, and for this year. I hope you all have a wonderful day and an amazing New Year! (I, on the other hand, will likely be playing video games…)

 Happy New Year, my Giga-Friends! -J.R

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