Giga-Journal: Year of the Virtual Overlord!

Giga-Journal: Year of the Virtual Overlord!

Inviting the New Year With Optimism! . . .

Mostly because a New Season of Anime Starts Soon!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Tuesday, Jan. 2nd

Hello and Happy New Year, Giga-Everyone!


I hope your New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day was more eventful than mine as I just sat at home watching Kizuna A.I videos on Youtube. All hail the cute virtual overlord! Not that there’s anything wrong with the amazing and wonderful A.I-chan, or not going out in general, just that it’s not exactly eventful. To be fair, though, I don’t consider myself much of a “party-er”.

Anyway, as much as I’d like to talk about the finale to Part 1 of Fate/Grand Order and how much it almost made me cry, I’ll skip on that this week. Since I have a lot to be thankful for, and the New Year is upon us, maybe a little reflection is in order (a Fate, Grand one). I know that, realistically, the New Year is just a minor change in date – a +1 to year when we write the date out – but it’s also something of a divider in how we view our lives. We tend to compartmentalize things like this so they’re easier for us to remember, and 2017 was definitely a year to remember. Hell, just in nerd-stuff alone!


I know that sometimes, the pessimism of the world can really wear you down, but try not to let it get to you as much this year. People shout and complain about this or that, and why it should be “x” instead of “y”, but I say, “FUCK IT!” You’re your own damn person. Don’t let anyone tell you what should think or feel, what should or shouldn’t offend you, and why you should feel bad about something. At least, that’s something I’ve learned this year. Maybe I’m turning into a grump old man already!?

If someone says they hate your anime (because I can’t stand SAO), screw it! Love what you love, despite what other people think or feel. Just because something isn’t good, doesn’t mean you can’t like it. My proof is “The Room”. That thing is awful, but we love it anyway! Take the year 2018 to become more secure in who you are, what you love, and what you feel.

In the year 2017, I met a group of friends I now call Family and, despite all the garbage that’s happened this year, I think of it as a success just because of that. I choose to focus on the good, the positive. Without my friends and family to back me up this past year or two, I don’t know where I’d be, but I imagine it would be somewhere a lot (and I mean A LOT) worse off.

See? P5 came out this year. Victory in my book!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank my friends, my family, and my family-friends who made me a better person, a better man, and a more positive thinker this past year. Finally, I thank the readers of this garbage that I write. I know that I’m not some kind of amazing writer. I can’t look down my nose at anyone because I possess some extreme talent only ever seen once in a hundred years. I’m a piece of poop like the rest of the human race, but you guys (the very few of you who read my stuff) are amazing for even glancing in my direction. It fills my heart with joy that someone would even gloss over something that I’ve written: love it or hate it, it makes me happy. Writing is one of the few things in this world that is truly cathartic to me.

So, in the year 2018, I thank all of you readers of my crappy blog posts, my hackneyed anime reviews, and my nearly non-existent video game reviews. You really make it easier to live my life, even if one day at a time.




A year in review: WorldEnd (Shūmatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka?), Made in Abyss, KonoSuba S2, Kekkai Sensen, My Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia, Kobayashi-san Chi no Dragon Maid, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de-aru, Mahoutsukai no Yome, and Tsurezure Children

All anime I recommend at least checking out this past year.

Again, thank you all for being “Giga-Landers”. I appreciate that, even if there are only one or two of you, you read that crap that I have to say. I am thankful, more than anything, for that over the past year.

Have a great day, and an even better year, Giga-Friends. -J.R

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