Giga-Journal: Two Million Tuesday!

Giga-Journal: Two Million Tuesday!

When Speed Running Saves Lives!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Tuesday, Jan. 16th

Took a screen cap of when they reached $1 Million at AGDQ. Everyone, including myself sitting at home, was insanely hype! An amazing feeling.

  Hello again, Giga-Landers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and maybe an even long weekend if your company celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. day like mine! It was a longer weekend for me since I took Friday off myself so I was able to watch AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) 2018 all weekend while I recovered.

 This year’s AGDQ was amazing and I’m really happy I made time to watch, especially during the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater run. While the run itself hit a few snags, which I found hilarious, the finale even caused me to pop out my wallet to donate. During the final epic scene of the game, everyone in the audience stood to salute The Boss which proves how beautifully written that particular scene was. I ended up donating a little for that, and then another bit near the end toward Zelda: Breath of the Wild to make it so they had to play the game in English. Because I’m a masochist.

The Orphan of Kos. Yes, he is this scary. Yes, I do know what he is. Yes, I do have nightmares.

 This year they raised about $2.2 Million dollars. That’s right TWO MILLION dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It’s amazing, breathtaking even, and humbling how so many people can gather together with a unique and nerdy talent to raise money for something so worthy. No one can tell you playing games is useless when it helps save so many people!!

 On the other hand, I finally beat Bloodborne and it really floored me. They storytelling in the game was legitimately top-notch and the ending had me slightly confused for a few moments, and then blown away at how daring it was. I did also finish The Old Hunters DLC having solo’ed the Orphan of Kos, quite possibly the hardest boss I’ve ever faced in any video game. While it took me a good 60-70 tries, I finally did it! And it felt SO GOOD! Highly recommend this game for anyone who likes high difficulty caps or is just a masochist.



 I am disappoint in Fate/Apocrypha. Much disappoint.

This is a such a gorgeous anime that you can recommend it on looks alone!

 I’ve finally had a chance to check out some new shows and I have to say, I already have extremely high expectations for Violet Evergarden. It’s a show about a young girl, Violet, who was basically raised in the military and who doesn’t know anything other than fighting, killing, and taking orders. But, when the war is over and done with, she doesn’t know how to adapt to daily life after her war wounds debilitate her enough to prevent her re-entry. It seems like it intends on tackling real life issues like PTSD and overcoming the loss of loved ones which leads me to believe it will be a beautiful show this season.

 The animation is already leagues beyond anything else this season. That is to say it is movie quality, all the time. To say nothing of the stellar music as well, I can’t tell you how much I want this show to be a hit. I just hope I’m not setting myself up for disappointment, but KyoAni definitely has the capability of making something amazing. I highly recommend checking it out.


 Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Friends. I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better week! -J.R

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