Giga-Journal: Meandering Monday Rants

Giga-Journal: Meandering Monday Rants

The Thoughts I Have About Translation and Localization

Plus More Things About Anime

Also, Pokemon Comes Out This Week

P.S – I Love You All

By: Head WriterJ.R Tafoya

   I’m not sure if I’ve ever ranted about this before on Gigaventure, but it is one subject that I love to talk about to extent. That subject is translation vs. localization.


Shing (Xing) Meteoryte, Tales of Hearts protagonist. Yes, that awesome sword IS made of light!

   You all probably know that I am a huge fan of JRPGs, the “Tales of” series to be precise. With ridiculously obvious storylines, often hackneyed dialogue, and the wealth of feels we get from shipping characters never turns me away from the series as an entity (aside from two titles).  Adding to their list of  games, Tales of Heats: R has finally been released in the U.S. Originally for the DS, back in the day, the “R” versions tend to add one or two new characters and back story to help tie things together. With this particular title, though, they completely re-did the game in 3D.

   I don’t want to waste your time introducing the game, you can Google it yourself or just message me somehow and I can give you the down-low. Rather I just wanted to touch on what frustrated me in the first few minutes of the game.

   First, the voices. Or, in this case, the lack of English voice acting. I know most of the weaboos are probably raising pitch forks at me or stabbing tiny voodoo dolls with my face on them now but hear me out. I love both English and Japanese voice acting as a whole and most of us can agree that we have amazing actors on both sides of the spectrum. But, leaving the dub in Japanese -usually- annoys me for two reasons: 1) It shows a lack of dedication to the game, or 2) Laziness. I know things like a lack of budget can get in the way too, but with this it seems like the latter of the two. To me, it just seems like they’re pandering to the smaller faction of “fans” who are probably going to somehow steal the game anyway, and its downright frustrating. While I’m decent with Japanese myself, I prefer not to have to try and translate in-battle voices myself especially when an important battle comes into play and I’m getting my butt handed to me while I’m trying to read. . .


Despite what most people think, the people at BamCo are TERRIBLE at every Latin-based language. His name is (L)uca, a normal Italian boy's name!

Despite what most people think, the people at BamCo are TERRIBLE at every Latin-based language. His name is (L)uca, a normal Italian boy’s name! *shots fired*

Secondly, the translation of the main character’s name. His name in the English version is Kor. His Japanese name is Xing (Japanese: Shing). I was told, after much research, that the name was changed to a “more familiar” language (Latin[?]) for the English speakers. I’m honestly not sure what “Kor” means as I haven’t done the research yet, but I can say it kind of annoys me. Xing’s name has a meaning in both Chinese and Japanese that roughly translates to “using one’s heart”, which represents the game as a whole. The change in name doesn’t make sense to me especially when the naming basis for a portion of the game was Chinese based. Also, seeing “Kor” and hearing “Xing” is a trifle annoying too. .  .

   As a side note, a few of the “Tales of” games having a naming basis in certain languages e.g., Tales of Destiny (old English) or Tales of Innocence (Italian)**. As someone who wants to be a Localization Expert one day, it confuses me as to why certain choices are made. The world may never know. . .


    As usual, I’m definitely loving Log Horizon and every episode just seems too short! But, I can definitely feel myself getting anxious over the lack of Shiroe and his “getting sh– done” antics. In the long run, it may hurt to have too much character development and not enough Shiroe to push the story along. Much like the first season did at the halfway point, the beginning of this season is starting with Shiroe taking the back seat to secondary characters even to the point where he hasn’t even been shown in a couple episodes. Shiroe is the centerpiece of the show and the man who makes masterful chess moves only ever seen in Death Note or No Game, No Life and without him, the show starts to lose its appeal. But, I can be patient.


Hikari ni Nare! PLOT HAMMER! Oh wait, sorry, I thought this was GBF since they're so similar. . .

Hikari ni Nare! PLOT HAMMER! Oh wait, sorry, I thought this was GBF since they’re so similar. . .

My love for Gundam Build Fighters Try continues to wane as the “plot hammer” heavy and predictable storyline addle the anime. I’ll stick with my earlier theory and say its the lack of charisma. None of the characters are truly loveable except Fumina, to a degree. The lack of Gundam love we used to get from Sei is glaringly obvious and coupled with Yuuma’s complete unlikeable-ness really affects the show negatively. I still love the Gundam porn, I still love the animation, and I’ll still watch the show but I’m just a bit disappointed at how Sunrise is handling it. . .

   Also, if you haven’t seen Shirobako yet, I still suggest it to anyone who is into slice of life. Our review of it will be up within the next couple days, so you can see what I really think. I’m still not 100% sure why it’s so wondrous to me yet but, if I had to take a stab, it may be because I can relate to the MC and a few of her problems at this precise time in my life. Albeit, not to the degree she is feeling/dealing, but I guess you could say “right place, right time”? Anyway, check it out, it’s an anime about making anime! REDUNDANCY!

   Anything else worth watching (other than Parasyte) yet? TELL ME! I’m almost done with Kamen Rider Gaim and I’m losing my mind!!!

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