Giga-Journal: Inquisition Tuesday

Giga-Journal: Inquisition Tuesday

Dear Giga-Journal,

So today is Tuesday November 18th and I swear it seems like every game came out to day. Today was a day full of new game releases like GTAV, FarCry 4, Little Big Planet 3 and a bunch of others, but there was only one game that I wanted and that was Dragon Age Inquisition. Now I have been playing BioWares Dragon Age games since the first one and I love them! Now yes Dragon Age 2 had some flaws but it was still a fun game. So now onto the third one Dragon Age Inquisition. I only played it for 3 hours so far and I gotta say it is totally fun! The create a character was super in depth and personal. Now since the game is on next gen consoles we can’t carry over the saves from DA 1 & 2 but they solved that little problem with the Dragons Keep through your origins account. Back on to the game!!!! So far the combat is really fun and the tactical view combat system is fun but I prefer the third person version. I’m not to far into the story so I can’t talk much on that XD all in all it’s a fun game that looks amazing!

So yeah check out the trailer here……

oh yeah and one more thing……I got my first traffic ticket!!!!!!…..yeah so I kinda ran a stop sign and the cop was right there. I totally owned up to it as soon as the cop came up to me….there was no way i was getting out of that but yeah besides that it’s been a good day XD

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