L.A. is Horrible HD

L.A. is Horrible HD

As some of you may know, a bunch of games came out yesterday. Among them is Grand Theft Auto V for the current gen consoles. Yes, it’s pretty much the same as the first release, but with additions such as first person view, new cars, weapons, and songs, and cats on the street. Yes, you can go around and take pictures of cats in the new GTA V. That may not be enough of an incentive for some fans to buy the game again, but it was enough for me. The first person perspective adds a new experience to the game. Sure, there are still glitches, but I haven’t come across anything game breaking. I do have one little gripe; I have not been able to find a jet in the military base. Maybe I’m just unlucky.

Aside from playing video games, Dustin and I worked on an Animal Crossing skit that I’ve been wanting to make. I’m actually sort of proud of it. It made some friends laugh, and that matters to me a lot. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is embedded right below.

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