Giga-Journal: Intern Gets Very Busy…Titan Thursday

Giga-Journal: Intern Gets Very Busy…Titan Thursday

Gigalanders! If you’ve stuck with me, Intern for the past couple weeks you have my deepest gratitude. I don’t know who exactly follows through and reads all my stuff even if they’re all super random but I would just like to thank you for your time.

This week is going to be another brief one as I have completed several daunting school projects, essays, and tests with a job interview coming very soon. I have also gone out of my way to do a workout…because my waifu was posted. Yes, I have a one and only waifu. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE WAIFU, THEN YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG  Who is she? Eh, when the time comes, perhaps I will  say and go on about how great she is. If you want a hint, she is in this season of anime for a couple of episode before being….OH GOD DON’T LET ME THINK ABOUT IT (WHEN IS THE MOVIE COMING OUT?!).  Thankfully, Thanksgiving is coming up and we can all settle down and get fat for a couple of days. But until then have a little snack before the big turkey.

This fan-made promo made me throw money at my laptop screen


Who remembers this promo for a hypothetical Attack on Titan live action? I’m sure it reached you anime fans as this fan-made promo went viral like wild fire when it first posted. This was glance at how amazing a live action adaptation would be for the ever so popular Attack on Titan. Welp, readers, if you haven’t already known, the live adaptation move for the series was announced a while back and currently, we have a glimpse of the live-action cast!


Standard looking MC? Check!


She’s pretty…but is she built like Mikasa? She looks like she lacks the “toughness” for the role.


You may not be blonde, but you look helluva lot tougher than Eren.


Doesn’t look like Jean, but he definitely looks like he can act the part.


…Is that an RPG? Where are we going with this?!


I see they gave you your bow instead of a potato…




Okay now this is just silly. The shortest Titan is 3 meters. If you aim for the feet then you probably have a chance but you’re not going to kill it!


Hey you’re pretty cute…I would have preferred Krista though.


Love of Hell? I’m kind of getting Annie vibes from her…


If this guy does fulfills his role in the movie, I wouldn’t mind the Levi being left out.


Hannes? I swear they could probably retain some of the characters names and it would still be fine. No need for change


…And you look like an asshole…Just saying.


As you may have already seen, most of the cast have been replaced with new characters. Even the the actors that were cast as the original main characters don’t even look their part. However, according ANN, producer Yoshihiro Satou had discussions with manga creator Hajime Isayama and decided to hire actors that could act out the character’s “spirit”. Confirmed to be a two parter, I hope they can break the bad anime live-adaptation chain and out do the original source.


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