Prepping for the Friday to End All Fridays

Prepping for the Friday to End All Fridays

So, I know this is a post on a saturday, and for good reason — I’m prepping for black friday.

No, I’m not gonna go hit all the shopping spots, no I’m not gonna order a million things online — I get to work retail and sell you guys all the deals on games, movies, tablets, and phones!

Whatever your stance on the capitalism, and working on thanksgiving, I am doing that, and I am gonna enjoy it while I can because my coworkers at the store are awesome, and the giga-crew will have awesome meals for me 😉

Plus, during the holidays we get to hangout, celebrate, and also play some cool games!

I am thinking of running one online based in the Weird War 2 universe, probably allies in the German winter, or maybe something with “General Winter” for the Soviets — which would be a ton of fun! Maybe in person and we can live stream it.

I’m still digging Warlords of Draenor, the wow expansion, and slowly enjoying and going through AC:Unity, which is getting updated.

Debating which games to pick up next as my free time is mostly limited to working and playing on the PC for the time being.

I finally got to finish an episode of the RPG Actual Play podcast — and there’s one more that will be posted during the holiday downtime.

I went up and down this week on my weight goal, and am finally down below 145! So before my bday I should hit 140ish – which is only 5 away from my goal!!



Anyway, hope you have a great weekend, happy Thanksgiving, and yes yes go shop on Thanksgiving and black friday!!



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