Giga-Journal: Meta-Gaming Monday

Giga-Journal: Meta-Gaming Monday

Tales of Isaac: (R)ebirth


Swashbuckling Chuunibyous!

By: Head WriterJ.R Tafoya

Monday, October 24th –

   Man, it seems like the weeks just fly by and Thanksgiving is almost here! Before you know it, we’ll all be buying presents for our friends for Christmas!



Yes, Isaac is very sad. All the time. Forever.

Yes, Isaac is very sad. All the time. Forever.

  Other than working though, I’ve been switching between a few games myself. The one at the forefront is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. A heavy rouge-lite game that makes me feel terribly sad every time I see the endings, I can never get over how fun this darn game is. With hundreds of items, tons of characters and the newly added “couch co-op”, I can never get enough of it. The mixture of items always makes me feel like the game is different every time I start over. . .

    Secondly, I’ve been playing Tales of Hearts: R which . . . so far isn’t as good as I’d hoped. My previous comments about translation aside, I have a lot of problems with not only the battle system, but the dialogue as well. I’ve played the DS version, back in the day, and I really loved the game. It was like a more expounded upon Tales of Destiny (Remake) with tons of cross overs and crazy anime-action combos. I never felt like certain characters were useless and always had fun messing around with all the protagonists’ move sets. The new 3D version though, is much more like a clunky version of Tales of Vesperia and, in this far after the fact, is near inexcusable.


"Shine forth my Spiria! Shouou Jin'eizan!"

“Shine forth my Spiria! Shouou Jin’eizan!”

The dialogue seems to have taken quite a hit too. I’m not sure who was in charge of the localization, but it’s abundantly clear that it had taken a back seat to Namco-Bandai’s other prospects. I’m not saying the dialogue was anything great in the first place, because it wasn’t. This particular game may be the corniest game I’ve played since Kingdom Hearts that literally had me falling out my chair laughing at how ridiculous it was. But, the characters are inconsistent and the speech is worse than dated, it’s archaic. If my father can say, “Wow, I remember my dad’s friends used to say those words!”, then you’re old. The “cool cats” should probably think twice about making such “jive” speech a thing in the first place, “ya dig”?

   Yes, it’s that bad.  But, heck, I’m still gonna play and beat it.

   Been reading a ton of Spice and Wolf lately as well. I recommend the light novels and manga to anyone and everyone. Before I go on a full blown excursion, I’ll just say that I absolutely love Holo. She’s just charming. I don’t think there is really any better word for her, honestly. Her interactions with Lawrence and how witty she can be plus the originality of the story makes for a fantastic read. Maybe I’ll talk about that more next time.


Now THIS is the face of a man you can trust! Probably.

Now THIS is the face of a man you can trust! Probably.

   I never get tired of saying typing that.

   David has recently introduced me to Rage of Bahamut (Shingeki no Bahamut) and . . . I freakin’ LOVE IT! It had enough swashbuckling and scumbaggery to keep me wanting more! And the main character, Favaro Leone, is just one guy you LOVE to hate and HATE to love! He always looks for the quick way out and, as long as it involves making a quick buck, he’d lie, steal, and cheat to finish his job. This one I highly suggest and, if you want a more in depth look at it, I suggest looking at David’s review of it Here!

   I’ve been keeping up on Inou Battle recently, and I thought it was a pretty good comedy with a healthy dose of drama. That was especially true for the latest episode (Ep.7). It was crazy emotional and even I was speechless when one character blew up. If I could talk with someone about it, I’d probably say that her past with Jurai might be what pushed him to become a “chuuni”, or at the very least helped. If I could get opinionated, I’d say it was a really good episode right until the very end, when they proved me right and showed that they were going to do some super-powered anime battles next time. Sad face. I still recommend it for a good comedy though.

Yes, it's useless and I hope it stays that way.

Yes, it’s useless and I hope it stays that way.

   Just finished Kamen Rider Gaim and, I know it isn’t an anime, but it was actually a very well done tokusatsu show. Written by Gen “The Butcher” Urubochi himself, it is one series I definitely loved. I do have a few problems recommending it to newcomers of the Kamen Rider genre though. It is, by far, the best series to date. So, when I recommend it to someone, I have to close off with, “Well . . . you can’t expect anything else this good . . . it’s the best one to date . . . so . . . good luck?” If you’re interested in the slightest, and aren’t worried about spoilers, check our recent podcast Here!

  Still loving Log Horizon! Go watch it!

  As a closing note, I leave you this! For your viewing pleasure.

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