Giga-Journal: Tired again Tuesday……

Giga-Journal: Tired again Tuesday……

Dear Giga-Journal,

Well it’s Tuesday again so here is some stuff that happened to me. I actually just got back from a BBQ party with some friends. I had a blast and I was hanging out with people that I was hanging out with at PMX and it felt like we were right back there. it was a great time and a lot of awesome fun. Anyways on to something else…..

I am still playing a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition. I gotta say the game is super addicting and I have already logged in like 40 hours of game play and I have barely touched the story. There are just so many side quest to do!!!!! Sometime it get a little over whelming, but once you get used to it and find your right party members the game is super awesome fun!


So there is this awesome part that (I will link a video below) that takes place after one of the big plot points. It was such a moving moment and I haven’t felt something like this from a game in a while. It takes place right after HAVEN (your home base) is destroyed by the main bad guy and the Inquisition is at it’s lowest point…….check out the video below!

So that’s about it for me see you next week XD

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