Giga-Journal:  Mad Logic Mondays

Giga-Journal: Mad Logic Mondays

Isaac Made Me Depressed!

By: Head WriterJ.R Tafoya

Monday, December 1st –

   Welcome Giga-Friends! Let the countdown until Christmas commence!!

   I’ve been working a heck of a lot lately. I recently got a job at GameStop and I finally had a Black Friday shift . . . starting at 12:00AM!!! So, that was crazy fun. But I’ve had a few chances to play games in between working, cleaning, and Giga- . . . ing?

Look how depressed Isaac is making me! Heck, look how sad HE is!

Look how depressed Isaac is making me! Heck, look how sad HE is!

   I finally beat The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and got the final ending, of 16 or so endings, and am now incredibly depressed. Piecing together the story is half the fun of this game, honestly. Which endings fit where, how the fragments are pulled together, and Isaac’s true ending are all fun aspects of the game. I would highly recommend this twisted game to anyone who loves challenging games, rogue-lite (no, not rogue-like), or endless amounts of awesome item combinations. The game itself has a ton of Christian references (angelic, demonic, and otherwise), and is even local co-op now. Plus it’s on sale on Steam right now! So, what are you waiting for!? GO GET IT NOW SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT!

   Speaking of which, Steam is having an amazing sale right now called the “Steam Exploration Sale”. If you’ve ever wanted a game but were just waiting for the right time to buy it, now might be that time. I, personally, got about 5 games for $20 recently and am totally enjoying life right now. Too lazy to check yourself? HERE!!! I can help with that.


Steam Sale does the thing. It does the thing good.

Steam Sale does the thing. It does the thing good.

  As for console games, still not digging Tales of Hearts: R too much. The battle system is slightly better when they finally introduce all the elements to it, however many tens of hours it took for them to do that. . . But I’m still out on the dialogue. Having bitched about twice already, I don’t think you need to hear it again. But, I’m also pretty pissed off at the general logic of the characters too. Ex: “Oh NOES! My best bro totally has an enormous stab wound in ’em! We gotta help!! Oh snap, that is a pretty painting on the wall! Who did that? When? Why? Tell me your life story!. . .”

   “. . .  Bro, still dying here.”

   The end. The sad part is, I’m barely exaggerating about that.


   Log Horizon finally got to Shiroe again!!! I love seeing him and the high level player take on a new raid. I’m always interested in how the less explained classes pan out in the show. So far, we haven’t had the chance to see Shiroe move the chess pieces yet as he’s still just figuring out the raid, but it’s damn entertaining to see how his mind works and how he handles himself in those unexpected moments. We finally got to see a little character development out of Akatsuki too . . . not that 4-5 episodes is “a little”. I still enjoyed the growth in the characters even though I sorely missed the star of the show. Hopefully the show starts to pick up the pace from here.

I don't care what the anime says, the core jet fighter cannot take down an Ez8!

I don’t care what the anime says, the core jet fighter cannot take down an Ez8!

   Still supremely disappointed in Gundam Build Fighters Try. A recent episode had Team Try Fighters put up against a boxer. I was so excited when I’d heard this, that I could barely wait for the episode. Two expert martial artists going at it, hand to hand? FAH-GETTABOUTIT!! The action basically writes itself! Sadly the fight was terribly uninspired and dull to a point where felt like I wanted to drop the series afterwards. Having thrown two punches, the boxer broke one of his suit’s arms and resorted to shooting laser for most of the fight. It reminded me a bit of how SEED or Wing handled their fights; shooting a lot, Itano Circus, or fight ending moves within the first few attacks. “But they sure look purdy!” Hey man, if that’s your deal, good for you! It just doesn’t float my boat too often anymore.


Hatoko from Inou Battle. Her powers are unfair.

Hatoko from Inou Battle. Her powers are unfair.

  Another point: I’m pretty upset with Fumina’s role in the show too. As the only likeable person and leader of  the team, I’d expected her to take on a much bigger part than she is now. I feel like she is only leader in name and her literal only point in battle is to assist the two men. Because women. The show tries to write it off like she’s forcing them to work together through “gattai”. But, for the Soccer fans, that’s like saying you can make Left and Right Mids work together because the Center is there. It makes absolutely no sense.  A funny quote my co-writer David found on a forum he frequents sums up my feelings pretty well:

“Perhaps Winning [Gundam] gets an upgrade providing it with additional parts.”
“Some kitchen utensils for the core fighter, so Fumina can cook up a meal for the boys after they win the match.”


   On a side note, Inou Battle finally explained why there are superpowers . . . and I’m definitely O.K with that (hilarious) explanation. Check it out if you’re looking for a pretty good comedy this season!

  Hope to see you next week my Giga-Friends!

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