Tricky Thursday

Tricky Thursday

What do you write about when you’re a day off, and need to get a journal done? Why, you write about the games you’re playing, the ones you’re looking forward to, and how this is your favorite month!

So, right now I have Far Cry 4, which I really enjoy, though I am still in the early stages of it — and even more so now that I have a new TV. Going from a 19 inch to a 32 inch is a world of difference, and I’m super amazed by it. Most people would say I really need at least a 40inch and a barely-1080 TV won’t cut it – but they’re not me and I am super happy with it. I’m not one of those who needs amazing graphics, and a 720 TV is still great, especially one like I have that increases the refresh rate to scale with games.

Playing Unity on it is pretty great as well — I’m still gonna get Dragon Age which I hear is amazing, and there are still many more good games to come. Little Big Planet 3 seems interesting, I haven’t played the previous games so it may be a while before I get that one — Also looking to see what happens with The Crew, as that was one of the E3 games we were looking forward to as well.

Finally, this is my favorite month, because I get to hang out with my friends and family, do more of getting dolled up, and generally have a blast ^_^

Til Next time, this is Sunshine!

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