Giga-Journal: Tusk Tuesday!

Giga-Journal: Tusk Tuesday!

Dear Giga-Journal,

Well it’s another Tuesday so that means I gotta write something……..I always come into these journals with no thought prior to what I want to write about.  I guess by doing that it seems more random and real, it also doesn’t help that I’m not a strong writer. So I’ll talk about how I am almost done with Dragon Age Inquisition. This game has so many side quest that I forget to work on the main story sometimes (I’m at the end though) but still it’s been a blast. This week Bioware released there first patch notes for the game say they were going to fix a lot of the bugs and even add some extra controls for the PC players. That’s cool and all but they also said there were going to fix some “exploits” the game has. I recently learned that you can get infinite skill points, crafting items and rise your inquisitor level with some of these “exploits” fairly easy. I even made another character to do this and they all work…..kinda breaks the game XD



The comedy in the show is actually good but there are darker moments……but look fan service!


Also Tusk is the reincarnation of Kira Yamato but way better in every way XD


Oh so one more thing before I go. I am really enjoying the new anime Cross Ange…… I know JR and Intern will give me crap for liking it but it has gotten really good in these later episodes. If you haven’t seen it I suggest giving it a try. The show has had some controversy with the director having a different vision than the creative team but so far it has worked. I went into the show with some low expectations but I like how in the end credits the show makes fun of it’s self and in one preview the voice actress for Ange, even questions what the director is thinking. So yeah it turned out to be alright in my book…..doesn’t hurt that there is a lot of fan service hehehehehe.



So that’s it for me hope you enjoyed my little thing here. See you next


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