Sony Handycam Vision

I think I’m going to start titling my journals with whatever the hell is close by me. In this case, a Sony video camera that uses Hi-8 video cassettes. School is nearly done, and it’s a nice feeling. After Tuesday next week, I can stop worrying about grades and start making skits with the Giga butts. We’re planning to do some sort of Christmas video, and I want to have our first one finished next weekend.

I’ve been playing a bit more Shin Megami Tensei IV recently, although GTA V is still taking more of my gaming time. I’m starting to get the hang of the game. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m playing it on easy. I usually play Japanese RPGs for the story, even though battling is half the fun. I can say the same for Persona 4.

I’m still not big on the journals, although today’s a bit extra short since my brain is burnt out.

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