GigaJournal: Intern Update Thursday!

Whew! I know I missed last week but am I glad to be back on here again! Sorry about missing out Gigalanders. You must have missed me no you haven’t. I would like to talk about a lot more thing but the reason I missed last week is the reason why I’m making this journal brief: I got a job! WOO! Yeah, I missed last week because I got called in to cover my co-worker’s shift last minute and I did not write a journal ahead of time. This time, I was sure to make enough time to write this. Anyways, what am I to talk about this week? Just a brief overview about a resurrection of an old project!


For those of you following Shin Sekai Yori during my recent continuation of last years traditional anime watch, good on you because that is going to relate to my project! If you haven’t caught up on Shin Sekai Yori or haven’t started it yet, we’re just nearing the half way point of the series. With the holidays coming up, I’m pretty sure some of you have time to kill before Christmas so don’t be shy to catch up! The series is very interesting and the premise pulls you right in!

The project I am going to revive consists of a bimonthly special in which we do a mid series update in the middle of the month and a full blown review to end the month. In conjunction with our episode a day anime watch, this allows anime fans to explore unseen anime or perhaps revisit old classics that can allow you, others, and Gigaventure open to discussion.  Pretty neat idea huh? Well let’s hope the concept does good in material form as this is merely an experiment. Changes are quite possible but the idea and foundation seem very solid. I hope you’ll stay tuned for these specials!

I blew past that pretty fast. However, as much as I want to stay and chat, duty calls (closing shift woo!). That and I have finals for my classes this week so wish me luck! The video should be out before the next journal so stay tuned for that as well! Thank you all for spending this time with me and I’ll see you all next week!


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