The Show Must Go on!

The Show Must Go on!

Or you know, that thing that some people say when they are a little bit under the weather, and still need to get stuff done!

In any case, a headache and the sniffles won’t stop me from slinging some tablets and xmas presents, although I may actually use one of my sick days and call out depending on how I feel in like an hour – which in that case will help me finally get to level 100 in Warlords of Draenor (I’m like level 97/98?)

It has taken me longer because of my work schedule and also because I have been really getting into Far Cry 4, and also got to Sequence 7 in Assassin’s Creed Unity! So much fun, and so much better to play on my big tv. Also i have no idea why I need more than my 32inch upscaling 720p television, I suppose I might notice if I was used to something bigger with higher resolution, but even the big TV I used to use isn’t as pretty as my LCD — why, I have no clue!

In any case, I will likely use today to plan our holiday RPG game, and do a few other things — and kick this cold!


Til next time – partly sunny –


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