Giga-Journal: Many Men Monday

Giga-Journal: Many Men Monday

Men Men Men Men! . . .
Also, Nice Lookin’ Cars

(Did Anyone Else See The Trailer For Final Fantasy XV?)

By: Head WriterJ.R Tafoya

December 15th, 2014 –

BIG OL' MONSTERS! Also, nice lookin' cars! THE GAME! Now in 3D and IMAX!

Also, nice lookin’ cars!
Now in 3D and IMAX!

   So, as soon as I start talkin’ mess about Square-Enix they try to prove me wrong by releasing another trailer for Final Fantasy XV. My faith in SE still waivers due to Yoichi Wada’s influence still being inside the company. And, I know it’s easy to use one man as a scapegoat, but I know there are people in there that could have stopped certain things from happening. So, until the game actually comes out, I won’t be swayed by pretty moving pictures. Hell, this game better blow everyone away, it’s been in the works for nearly 10 years now. It’s cute how the new director thinks we’ll “restart the stopwatch” since he’s taken over. No, Sir. We won’t. We were promised this game several years ago, and you all lied to our faces. Many, many times.

   It seems like, until FF XIII came out, most FF fans could agree that every game was good (for its time) or that the game had good aspects. But, with XIII‘s release, a mountain-sized divide has been made and people are starting to take sides.  On that note, Final Fantasy XIII-2 has just been released on Steam . . . here are some thoughts on that. Skip if you wish (do read the bold part though, it is vital info):


You thought it was a pic of FF XIII! But it was ME! Another pic of FF XV!

You thought it was a pic of FF XIII! But it was ME! Another pic of FF XV!

It kills me when people say that FF XIII-2 “fixed the linearity of the storyline” when, in fact, it is almost as linear as the first game. Granted, you can explore a lot more earlier on, but you’re not as free as you think you are. The creators trick people into thinking they can “go where they want” by portraying a list of times and eras that you can travel to in an attempt to fix the “true timeline”. The trick is, you can’t actually go where you want until you get a certain “key” of some kind that let’s you enter that timeline.
   NICE TRY GUY! You can’t fool me, and you should be ashamed for trying. Sadly, it seems to have worked on the masses as it has easily tricked most people into THINKING they can go where they want. Sad day when you realize the die-hards are easy to fool when you’re desperate enough for something. I bring this up because it just got released on Steam. I like to wander through the forums, just to see how the game is doing. For those who are curious, veer away from the PC version. Apparently the FPS (Frames Per Second, not First Person Shooter) is terribly low even on high-end computers, the graphics sputter a lot, and the audio quality is laughable at best. And this isn’t my bias opinion (for once), it’s what I’ve been seeing on the message boards all week. For those who are desperately in need of a terrible game, wait for this one to get patched before dropping $20 undeserved dollars in Square-Enix’ pocket.

   In other news, I finally finished Tales of Hearts: R!. . . I’ll withhold most of my thoughts for now as I’ll be doing an article on it later this week. Look forward to it! I know how much ya’ll thirst for my amazing-ness.


   I haven’t had a chance to watch Log Horizon yet. All I know is, “epic raid gear”. I’m ashamed I’m behind! Darn you work and/or life! *shakes fist*

I wasn't crazy about the finale, but it was still pretty epic.

I wasn’t crazy about the finale, but it was still pretty epic.

   Akame ga Kill! has finally ended and . . . it was . . .  definitely an anime! Obviously I’ll be doing a review on it later when all the anime this season ends but . . . Just a heads up: I wasn’t crazy about the ending or the build up for it. In my honest opinion, it seems like most of the time was spent trying to lead up to the epic finale that really didn’t pay off in the end. Emotionally or otherwise. The anime is rife with bloodshed and much like Game of Thrones, I wouldn’t get attached to any of the characters if I were you. You’ll only end up getting hurt like Dustin and I! Dammit! I care for you Giga-Friends! BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR WAIFU ANIME!


Yeah man . . .  It get's THAT serious.

Yeah man . . . It get’s THAT serious.

Lastly, is Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru. I talked a little about it last time and how it wasn’t fantastic, but also not terrible. While the same applies now, I can change my opinion a little as of last week’s episode. It proved that it was much more than “just a magical girl anime” and threw itself into the same category as Madoka Magica or Gen’ei Wo Kakeru Taiyou. If you know what that entails, you’ll probably have already figured what I’m talking about. If not, let’s just say that the price they pay for their hero powers is much, MUCH more than just a few physical injuries. Last week’s episode had me a little choked up for a bit too. . . Man, I’m a sucker for familial stories like this. . .

   Anyway, look forward to some anime and video game articles coming up! I’m always interested in what your guys’ thoughts are too! I know I’m fairly critical sometimes, but maybe that’s a good thing. If ya’ll agree or disagree I’d love to hear what you think! Respectably, please.

P.S. Here are my thoughts on Final Fantasy XV so far.

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