Giga-Journal: Taking on Tuesday!!!

Giga-Journal: Taking on Tuesday!!!

Dear Giga-Journal,

Hello there awesome readers! Well it’s another Tuesday so here I am with some random thoughts…..I’ll make it short and sweet! So a couple of weeks ago SONY had their PlayStation experience and as many people know they announced that they were releasing a 20th anniversary PS4. So me and the guy made this skit to honor it……Now many people know I am a total PlayStation fanboy so enjoy!

So on to some other gaming stuff I finally beat Dragon Age Inquisition and it was great. Well the ending was super easy for me since I was level 24 and had some bad ass gear. So it was kinda easy but still fun in the end. So I started a new game and this time I am a mage. Now the mage class is fun but I with you could move around while attacking……


So yeah that’s about it for me today hope you guys liked the video see you next week!

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