Gigajournal: Winter Break Has Begun!

Heyo Gigalanders! I am finally done with my finals and am now on winter break! WOO! Another thing to point out is that I got my paycheck!  WOO! I may have money in the bank now, but I feel that soon my money will have to say bye-bye. Why? There is a magical moment that happens every season that takes away your money and that is the Winter Steam Sale!


The first sale to immediately catch my eye is the release of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for the PC…at a discounted price!

33% off at the price of $13.39!

Another major sale, and one that had me hook line and sinker was Dark Souls II!

An astonishing 66% off for the price of $14.79!

There are many other sales to come so if I were you, I would check the store every twelve hours as they new deals continue to arise! The Holiday Steam Sale will last until the second of January so there is plenty of time to take advantage of such discounted prices.

We’re a week away from Christmas everyone! Hope you’re able to get your beloved what they want! I also hope to see you guys at the end of our Anime of the Month as it also ends on Christmas day! Stay tuned for our video as it will be uploaded shortly!

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