Giga-Journal: Totally Awesome TUESDAY!!!!!!

Giga-Journal: Totally Awesome TUESDAY!!!!!!

Dear Giga-Journal,

Well hello  there Giga-landers and welcome to my Giga-Journal day! If you don’t know, I am Dustin the guy in charge of the podcast and some times I make a video or two >_>…… and this is my journal thing that I have no idea what I’m going to write about.

Well I guess I’ll tell ya what I did today? Besides going to work I went and picked up Samurai Warriors 4 for the PS4 because I love me some hack n’ slash.  Now people always give me a lot of crap for playing these games because they are so repetitive and all they do is add new characters and new costumes. Well for me it was a game where my friends would come over and we would spend hours unlocking the characters and trying to beat all the levels on the hardest difficulty. So even though they are a bit repetitive I still love them XD

so yeah anyways thanks for reading my first of many Giga-Journals. I hope I didn’t bore you and if I did…..oh well XD but yeah every Tuesday I will be here to tell you a story or some other crazy thing…..

Now enjoy this trailer for Samurai Warriors 4!

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