Giga-Journal: The Drrramatic Revival!

Giga-Journal: The Drrramatic Revival!

Tokyo’s inner-city assholes, exploding gunpla, apocalyptic dragons and alien-fighting street gangs converge! Opinions unravel from my mind in the face of this onslaught, writing themselves before your very eyes. They bring entertainment and madness in equal measure, so tread lightly, or whatever the reading equivalent to treading is. Skimming? Skim lightly? I don’t know, just absorb things through your eyes in the manner of your choosing.

Where's thah young conductah? COVERED IN YOUR BLOOD.

I’d kill a man to see the rest of Baccano adapted into an anime as well. But he’d just come back to life. Stupid immortals.

Durararara! Dura! Durara. Rararadu! Am I doing this right? In any case, it’s getting a new season! And another new season! And another new season! It’s just giving them away, like Oprah at a charity event. Although Durarara was last seen way back in the prehistoric age of June 2010, it’s being given a sudden revival now that the light novels it was adapted from have finally come to a close. The three seasons are planned to adapt the entirety of the story, giving us the closure that was sorely lacking from the first season’s underwhelming epilogue. The bad guy just walked away. Literally. While still scheming about being a douchebag again. Although the climax was great, that wasn’t exactly a great breaking point.

Now, if only Full Metal Panic could get picked up again for the same reasons. That series ended too! And was supposedly really good! These people need to learn to finish what they start, just like the Durarara crew. Maybe if they do, we’ll finally see an adaption of Berserk that doesn’t leave off with the grimdark defeat and humiliation of the entire cast. Hey-o!

As far as currently airing anime are concerned, there are a few of note today. First of all, the last few episodes of Gundam Build Fighters Try didn’t suck! In response to this shocking reversal in quality, the city of New Yark will be hosting a parade in its honor. Adapting some of the comedic character focus of tThe only he original series, they actually pulled off a wonderful episode about the protagonist’s sister. There were some amazing callbacks to other series along the way, as well as what is perhaps the best use of Turn A’s cockpit we will ever see. Altogether it’s almost enough to instill some faith in the show. The original series certainly picked up when they went to the world tournament, so maybe the nationals will function similarly here?

We can only hope so, although they’ll still need to stop treating the female protagonist as a useless power-up and start showing some goddamn teamwork for that to happen. Seriously, whose idea in production was it to do the 3v3 fight format in this series and never show any teamwork whatsoever for nearly a dozen episodes? Luckily it seems to be coming to a head, as they barely scraped by in their regionals win, and the first casual game they ran against someone in the nationals ended with one guy absolutely wrecking them like a nude Miley Ray Cyrus on construction equipment. I can only hope we’ll see more of this, up until they all finally stop being stupid.

Meanwhile, Rage of Bahamut continues to be the best thing I’m watching this season. Favaro is just such a smarmy bastard, all the time! It’s wonderful. He is such an atypical protagonist. Usually by now “character development” would have made him mend his ways and become an entirely different person, like Yuri in Tales of Vesperia, but nope. He’s still the same cocky son of a bitch he always was, it’s just that now he’s got a few new people hanging around while he acts like one.

No, making two fish make out does not, in fact, make you appear trustworthy.

No, making two fish make out does not, in fact, make you appear trustworthy.

I’m constantly amazed at how well Rage of Bahamut sticks to his “power levels” though. Favaro and Kaiser are humans. They’re very talented humans, but they’re never given the kind of magical power-ups that your typical shounen hero might pull out of thin air. They don’t out-fight gods and devils. What victories they’ve had – which have been few in number lately – have been by the skin of their teeth, and heavily reliant upon trickery or outside assistance. They’ve more been escaping than winning, and with powerful characters like the saint Jeanne D’arc around, it must be tempting for some magic sword to turn one of them into a super-powered badass. I’m really thankful that they’ve shown enough restraint to keep things interesting; I like Favaro better when he’s the underdog anyway.

He wasn’t the centerpiece of these last two episodes, however, and I’m frankly shocked by how things ended up playing out. So many things have gone horribly wrong at this point that I’m honestly not even sure where this story will end. Maybe Bahamut will just blow everything up, and the last fifteen minutes of the final episode will just be a black screen? Such riveting drama that would be.

In any case, other news. I’ve apparently managed to travel through time, because I’m now able to bring you a report from over a year ago: Saints Row 4 is awesome. In fact, it’s just just awesome, it’s awelot. See what I did there? Hur hur hur. This piece of information you all surely already know is now being reported by yours truly, finally. I didn’t catch the original games when they came out, but the mix of humor and drama in these last two games has been just spot-on perfect thus far. My only complaint about this one is that a crucial part of Shaundi’s character development is relegated to an unanimated companion conversation that only occurs if she and a specific other character are summoned to your party at the same time. Saying who would be a spoiler, but it basically brings the entire emotional arc she began at the start of Saints Row the Third to a close, and it’s not even given a cutscene. C’mon, Saints Row! I love Kinzie, I do, but stop giving her 90% of the dialogue and spend some money of a Shaundi cutscene, please.

In closing, Christmas is fast approaching, and gifts are probably becoming more and more of a worry for people who have been putting them off. What to get? Where to get it? Will Amazon deliver in time, and do I really need a Prime membership? Am I just a pawn in some corporate game, or does the holiday even matter any more? These are the questions that rule us, and I’m certainly no exception. What I am, however, is great at picking out gifts, and the one I got Justin is goddamn amazing. It’s going to break through the cold ice of his heart like the Titanic through an iceberg, before sinking into those freezing depths and . . . wait, that one kind of got away from me. But you get the point! The hint? It’s in Japanese, and once the holiday has passed I’ll be doing an article on what exactly it was and why everyone should own one. Everyone. Or else.

What what what!?

David out.

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