It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas!

Looks like I missed my slot yesterday, but hey, it’s not too late for me! Or maybe it is. Let’s hope Dustin doesn’t punish me by making me do Geekly Weekly in the rain or something. It’s been a pretty cool past 7 days. I’ve done a lot more with friends during the holidays than I have in my life time so far.

A few days ago, I was able to experience the Batman Lego game on the PlayStation 4 at my friend Chris’s. Sadly, the game didn’t do well for him in split screen mode. It made him dizzy! Funny thing is, he does fine playing first person shooters. I can see why it can be disorienting; the line that splits the screen rotates as both characters move around the level. Then after an hour or two of game play, we popped in The Lego Movie. Oddly enough, this was the first time I watched the movie.

Fast forward to today, we had some family over, and I let some toddlers play Kirby 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. It was a great experience seeing how they interacted with these games. Although they didn’t progress through any levels, they had fun just moving the character around and jumping in place. Dying didn’t seem to bother them. Keep in mind these kids mostly play games on an iPad. I decided to let them have at it on the 3DS XL. To my surprise, they rarely played the game cartridge I had in; they kept pressing buttons, opening and closing the screen, and turning it off and on. I pointed to the 3DS and asked them what it was. They called it a… laptop. And they called the GameCube and Nintendo 64 a PlayStation, so I tried to tell them that they’re called Nintendo. (I would’ve told them they’re a GameCube and a Nintendo 64, but I think one word for them all would be easier on them). They then proceeded to call them a PlayStation Tendo. I thought it was cute. Kids always have a way of misnaming things, in a good way. It’s actually quite entertaining to see how knowledgeable they are of these game consoles. I hope they continue to have fun with video games, and that they grow up with them in a healthy way, being open to different consoles and genres.

So, that was my Christmas, and it was quite a nice one. How was your Christmas?

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