Giga-Journal: With Love, On Monday

Giga-Journal: With Love, On Monday

Tales of Persona 4!

I Freakin’ LOVE Persona 4!

Also, More Anime!

By: Head WriterJ.R Tafoya

December 29th, 2014 –


My review of Tales of Hearts: R is this pic. Yes, Corny.

My review of Tales of Hearts: R is this pic. Yes, Corny.

Hey there again Giga-Landers! It’s been an EXTRA long week since I’ve posted. I force- . . . ASKED my buddy and fellow writer David to fill in for me while I was under the weather. Now that I’m back, and I’m sure all of you are ever-so-grateful for that, our lives together can start again!

   First off, I finished Tales of Hearts: R recently and did an article on it. SHAMELESS SELF PLUGGING! I wasn’t crazy about it, to say the least, and I wish the game had been handled a little better. I thought that, after the Tales of Graces (Wii Ver.) fiasco, they’d have taken more care to play-test and code the game properly . . . I guess third times a charm? Anyway, I suggest reading my incredibly long winded article, you can skip the “personal” parts if you just want the (mostly) hard facts. If you want to know what I personally thought of the game, I go ahead and read those and the “Overview” parts. I highly suggest reading it, I heard it can teach you to fly. Also, it will make all your New Years resolutions come true. Instantly.


"Ladies, Sit!" That's right, Yu. You ARE the king.

“Ladies, Sit!”
That’s right, Yu. You ARE the king.

Once I dropped that poop, I switched over to Persona 4 and, by God, I love the CRAP OUT OF THIS GAME! I’d originally played it a very long time ago when it was originally released, and didn’t really think much of it when I turned it back in to Blockbuster . . . yeah, that long ago. . . But, now, I can barely put the thing down. In fact, as soon as I finish this blog post I’m going to grab some MANLY hot cocoa and play for hours . . . and hours . . . and hours. . .

   Seriously though, there are several elements mixed in with P4 that make it a wonderful experience. When you try to recite all the elements out loud, you think, “how can it mix such genres together and still be a cohesive whole!?”. And it’s true, there are several shining examples of games/anime/manga trying to be too much in too short a time. But. P4 is not one of them. The school life mixed with the social/dating aspects mix perfectly as you find out what drives each character to change their lives for the better. The mystery paired with the dungeon crawling elements gives way to a lot of apprehension toward the case and figuring out who the culprit might be. It’s definitely a ton of fun and I find it terribly hard to put down.

   P.S I already waifu-ed (and girlfriended) Chie-chan. Hands off.


His power is still useless, but at least best girl got some screen time!

His power is still useless, but at least best girl got some screen time!

   Speaking of things that try to be too much, Inou Battle finally ended. Not only was it an insulting lead-in for the light novels, it was an anime that tried its hardest to become so many genres at once, that it ended up separating itself into several parts, like those oil and water experiments we used to do in science class. Starting as a pretty good comedy, then to a slice-of-life, then a action/shounen, finally to a full on harem anime, Inou Battle was just too many things at different times to enjoy as a cohesive whole. There were a few really good episodes though, but I’ll definitely get to those when David and I do our final reviews of the anime this season. (TOTALLY NOT another shameless plug.)


You know s*** gets real when you gotta resort to Zoro's mouth-blade-using techniques.

You know s*** gets real when you gotta resort to Zoro’s mouth-blade-using techniques.

Along with other ending anime, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru ended as well. I definitely did NOT expect some of those things to happen and my earlier comparisons to Madoka Magica and Gen’ei Wo Kakeru Taiyou were proven absolutely correct. While I don’t think it has the layers of depth that Madoka Magica did, it definitely proved that it was worthy of watching if you’re in to the whole “dark” magical girl genre. The turnaround, the big reveal, and the final twist made me all cringe with several different emotions and I was nearly brought to tears at certain points. I highly suggest this anime to people who are looking for a slightly darker anime this season. The final few moments lead me to believe that they are setting up for a sequel as well, and I personally cannot wait!

   Till next year, my Giga-Friends. Have an amazing New Year’s celebration, and look forward to David and my articles, because we look forward to writing them.

   With Love, for the final time in 2014,

    -Justin (J.R) Tafoya

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