Giga-Journal: Wrecking Wednesday

Giga-Journal: Wrecking Wednesday

This title is pretty misleading, cause I won’t be writing about wrecking this day. I have wrecked some zombies though, in The Evil Within. Sure, they’re not officially called zombies, but I have no idea what else to call them.

I’ve been playing The Evil Within the past few days, and it’s been a great game so far. My first experience with a Shinji Mikami game was Resident Evil 2. My friends and I (elementary schoolers at the time) never beat it, but we had fun playing the game and getting each other scared. A few years after moving from Japan, I acquired Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. Ever since beating that game, I became a bigger fan of the Resident Evil series. Oddly enough, I didn’t purchase another Resident Evil game until the 4th title. That one took me by surprise, with its new camera angle and weapon system. It was a great improvement, although I missed the fixed odd (and sometimes frustrating) camera angles from the previous games. Those helped make zombie encounters damn scary. Then came Resident Evil 5, which I enjoyed, but I felt it lost the horror feel. It became ridiculous once Chris displayed his ability to repeatedly punch gigantic rocks. Years later I became a fan of Wesker’s voice actor after watching him read erotica at conventions in Wesker’s voice.

So fast forward to now, and we have The Evil Within. It’s certainly not part of the Resident Evil series, but it definitely feels like it can be. From the region specific title (Psycho Break in Japan) to the horrific atmosphere, this game carries a similar aura to Shinji’s well known horror series. I have very much enjoyed the first 5 chapters of the game, and I’m itching to continue my journey. The controls feel familiar but not outdated, and I feel a sense of uneasiness the whole time I play. The game lets you find out a lot of things on your own, although there are a few tutorials for key mechanics such as stealth and disarming traps. Also, the enemies creep me the hell out. I won’t talk about them much, because if you’re planning to play this game, it’s better I let you discover the different kinds you’ll encounter. I’ll probably make a video about the game; possibly a review.

So I guess that’s what my journal entry is for today, a look back at my experience with Shinji Mikami’s horror games. I can’t wait to talk about this game more.


Other than playing this game, I’ve been watching Yowapeda, Nozaki-Kun, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Blue Spring Ride, The Amazing World Of Gumball, and Teen Titans Go. I recently just finished Love Stage, and I’m satisfied with how it ended, although I do wish to see if the main character achieved his goal of becoming a manga artist.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Also, you’re crazy. You’ll see another entry from me next week, so until then, take this advice: don’t be afraid of futa. Also, don’t search that while at work/school. In fact, don’t search it at all.



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