Friendly Fire Friday: Why I love gaming with friends

Friendly Fire Friday: Why I love gaming with friends

I do enjoy getting to game with my friends! Whether we are going along for a wild ride in our minds in the middle of a tabletop game, or we are getting to shoot up baddies in a video game, games and gaming are always made better with friends!

Recently I finally got the chance to play some Co-Op, and also to gift a copy of a game to a friend of mine, which will inevitably result in more gaming Mayhem, I just know it. While playing co-op, I was extraordinarily surprised by the emergent gameplay that came out of having two people playing one game. The actual gameplay was not changed much, but when we decided to try out the wingsuit in Far Cry 4, to swim as deep as we could just for fun, and re-enact that “I’m on a boat!” music video, it transformed my experience from a simple first-person shooter, into a virtual hangout with one of my friends.

I’m so glad that I get to do this more often, and with the next-gen consoles and cloud computing, it really seems like this will be more of the norm, so that we can even do this with my friends in the farthest flung corners of the world.

Just a few thoughts, and have a happy friday!


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