Gigajournal: Gaming on the go with Intern

Hey everyone, Intern here again on Thursday. Today we’ll have a talk about two specific games since I’ve gotten myself a 3DS with my fat paychecks since my work didn’t hold any punches when it came to the holiday season. One is quite old but still a great game, the other is a more overlooked yet very interesting and addictive game.

First off is Fire Emblem: Awakening! The Fire Emblem series was never really exposed outside of Japan until the Gameboy Advance system came out with the seventh installment: Rekka no Ken or “Blazing Sword”. Ever since then, I’ve been a big fan of the series. I’ve gone through the hard modes of both Rekka no Ken and Sacred Stones on GBA, beaten Shadow Dragon and it’s sequel on the NDS, and even went back to the fan-translation of Fuin no Tsurugi or “Sword of Seals” starring Roy. Now I continue the portable journey with Awakening.

Starting this game gave me a big surprise. I made the mistake of starting off with Classic Hard mode thinking my previous knowledge of the series would carry me…Boy was I wrong. I ended up starting a new game on normal at chapter 4 just to get on to the “relationship” aspect of the game. I bought a few DLC chapters and began farming four units I would use the most: Chrom, Sumia, Cordelia, and myself of course. I paired Chrom with Sumia and myself with Cordelia, sealing the deal with the our future children. I later did a little research and found out that Galeforce is an amazing skill that all my main girls would need for the future and began another grind after reuniting with the kids. Cynthia, Severa, and Morgan soon became powerhouses that ran with the parents….WHEW! I ranted about what I did with my main characters for quite a while! Revisiting this series made me appreciate the fact that this series is still going strong with it’s challenging gameplay. One thing that’s slowing down my play-through of the game is figuring out who to pair with who for the chemistry and the stats of the kids to come. But that’s also my favorite part of the game as it gives many options and many scenarios for who gets with who and how they interact with each other. Once I get these relationships figured out, I can move on to the harder part of the game as I figure out what units are the best.

Last but not least, if you heard of this game coming out within the past few month; I applaud you. The game I am talking about is Fantasy Life. If you haven’t heard of this game before and think it looks like another Animal Crossing, you’re dead wrong. Fantasy Life puts you on a journey where you can explore the world as twelve different classes; each that plays a big part of society and the environment.

I began the game as a Paladin, a protector of society. I found myself chasing bounties out in wilderness and slaying good amounts of monsters to level up my class. As I continued getting more powerful as a Paladin, my gear was not up to par with my level. With the mindset of wanting better gear, I decided to become a Miner and collect ores and soon switch to a Blacksmith to craft better gear. Working on both of this classes and reverting back to my fighting class made me realize how much content this game has. I can already see myself playing this game for hundreds of hours leveling each class individually. With the classes to work with and the many lands to explore in this world, this fun laid back game is definitely worth checking out.

We’ll get back to anime soon you guys. See ya soon!

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