Fabulous Friday on a Saturday morning! Prep, fun and gaming!

A girl is allowed to be fashionably late, right?!

I was was following my New Years resolution to go out more and I forgot that I am dead the day after I go out xD

I have to give props to my crew for allowing me to record our episodes of the podcast game, which has helped me prep for the upcoming game tonight!

its been a true pleasure to get everything together and really tell a silly wild samurai story with some twists and turns and a ton of fun. Even when we miss a player or two my other friends don’t miss a beat and we have w blast.

So JR, Dustin, Joseph, Bryan and David and all my other players – thank you for making my GMing so much fun and all the prep worth it!


i expect to have a blast and drop a few breadcrumbs for the next few sessions 😉

Until next time – have a great night and good gaming!


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