Fabulous Friday: The one game that will let me finally get an Xbox One

Fabulous Friday: The one game that will let me finally get an Xbox One

Halo 5: Guardians

Need I say much more? Since the initial days of the Xbox, I was surprised to learn that inside the beating heart of a console, lies a computer! And since before the days of pulling all-nighters to mod my Xbox into a true media center (without opening it and voiding the warranty 😉 ) I have liked the Sci-fi shooter concept, especially inculding Halo.

One of my first console FPS loves after Goldeneye, this franchise stole my heart with its linking story, and the ever-increasing graphical fidelity only made me enjoy it more. I have the Halo helmet from the collectors edition, and I was even gifted the Halo: Reach legendary edition including the gorgeous statue that now sits in my gamer space above my TV!

Now, to go backwards a bit, why am I waiting so long when I said by this point I’d have both consoles? Well, for one thing, I have few friends who are not in the PS Network – and I have even fewer games that aren’t cross-platform or truly interest me enough to warrant purchasing the console.

Assassin’s Creed? PS4 Far Cry 4? PS4 Dying Light? PS4!!

Everywhere I turn there are amazing games for this console and only more to come – so for my beloved Halo, I will finally take the plunge.

Until then, I will continue to enjoy my PS4 and wonder how I can get a bedazzled controller…..


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