Fabulous Friday: Gaming Adventures begin again!

Fabulous Friday: Gaming Adventures begin again!

Hi-dee-ho Giga-rinos!

Sunshine here and I am feeling fantabulous today!!!

Why is that you ask?

Well its a lot of things really – work has been going exceptionally well so far, and I truly enjoy hanging out with my co-workers there. My Giga-friends are jazzed to keep playing games and chilling with me and a bunch ( and I mean a BUNCH!!!) of conventions are coming up soon, my favorite one, Kingdom-Con, is right around the corner!!!!

I always have a blast there and this year I may be able to get myself a room so I don’t even have to leave “campus” haha Not to mention a few choice purchases that have been completed exquisitely ^_^ I now have a true gaming/streaming computer that I am in the process of setting up! This means that you should watch twitch.tv/gigaventure which will be hosting streams more often now, and I have PLENTY of games to play ^_^

I am back to the grindstone on my fitness goals, and am expecting my Adidas Fit Smart any day now (expect a mini review!) which will help with all the goals there as well.

All in all I am so grateful and happy today, I am just overflowing with joy ^_^

Thanks for being with Gigaventure through all of our ups and downs and we are excited to show you what we have coming up!!!



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