Fantastic Friday on a Saturday: Finished with that!

Fantastic Friday on a Saturday: Finished with that!

I do love when a game comes together! Especially when I can tick another game off my list and get to finishing the other list of games on my list.

It’s always a bit sad when I do finish a game, because then it tends to sit on the shelf without being played again for a good long while.

On top of that the conclusion is often the best part of the story and all the energy hat I had invested, finally gets released, and I feel no need to continue. That world was great while it lasted, the story will stick with me. If it is in part of an ongoing series like Assassins Creed, then I feel like it is a piece of a puzzle and I wonder how it all fits together. Often times it gets me pumped for the next iteration of the series, and eager for more.

Beating Unity gives it a finished feel for me, and while I do not think I will do any more, I may come back to it eventually, and see how well it holds up.


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