Giga-Journal: Throwback Thursday….With Intern.

Hey there Giga-landers! Thursdays are dedicated to yours truly: the Intern.

Since you’ll be stuck with me on these days, might as well tell you about myself. As a part of Gigaventure, I can be a “jack of all trades”. I can work the camera, talk about anime, play video games well, write some articles, and co-GM our table top sessions. But of course I am also “master of none”, except when it comes to anime. Some may not know, but I am very knowledgeable when it comes to anime in general. Give me a list of your preferences and I’ll be able to send a list of shows that match.

Building off what was said previously, I would like to talk about this season’s anime. Unlike what was mentioned earlier in J.R.’s article, I found many shows to be enjoyable; arguably this year’s best season of anime. As of right now, I am currently watching ten shows this season; not including shows I have dropped CROSS ANGE WAS COMPLETE TRASH AND DROPPED ON THE FIRST EPISODE, ESPECIALLY WHEN  I FOLLOW THE THREE EPISODE RULE. I will only talk about a select few this week so stay tuned next week!


As a person who is a mecha-loving mythology fanatic who loves a well developed fantasy world and bicycles, I have to talk about this season’s sequels. Which sequels am I talking about? Well going off from what I previously described myself as, they can only be: Gundam Build Fighters Try, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Log Horizon, and Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road. I absolutely LOVE these series.

Possible spoilers ahead…but it’s only week three of anime….GO CATCH UP.

Team Try Fighters


Build Fighters is a huge fan-service to all Gundam fans and is so much fun to watch. With the success of the first season, everyone was begging for a season two and this is the end result. From the first three episodes alone, I can already tell that this show is going to be just as exciting or might even surpass the first season. This season starts seven years after and follows Team Try Fighters on their journey to the World Gunpla Championships. Seeing as Sei and Reiji punched everything to victory, Sunrise decided to build on that and make our new hero Sekai punch everything….from the get go! The introduction of three versus three in Gundam fights allows for more custom mobile suits to appear and to show the now possible tactics and synergy between them. We’ve already seen the revived Jet-Stream Attack in action ( and actually work!). And is it just me, or does Sunrise realize that their fans totally worship their girls from the first season and added in girls just as AMEIJIN as them?! (DIBS ON FUMINA) The biggest down side I’d have to give this series is the lack of a wallet I’ll have as long as this show will be on…freaking gunpla.

So as I pray...HEAVENS FEEL WHEN?!



I’ve always been excited about the anime adaptation Fate/Stay Night ever since it was first announced.  There were many speculations on which series they would adapt. Of course based Ufotable decided to do all three. The route that won the anime role was Unlimited Blade Works. This story follows Fate/Zero, you’re not supposed to watch Fate/Zero first after the fourth Holy Grail War where Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou get tangled up in the upcoming fifth war. Since I have read the visual novel, I already know everything that’s going to happen. It doesn’t stop the fact that I am still excited to see many of the scenes in action. Of course there was the movie version done by DEEN but it fell very short in terms of story and animation. So far, Ufotable has done a very well in following what happens in visual novel. Even Kinoko Nasu, the writer of the Fate/Stay Night visual novel, said that they adapted Lancer’s Gae Bolg attack perfectly. Ufotable has done a great job with Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works so far. I have high expectation as to how they will show off the rest of the route. A complaint I have isn’t about the anime…BUT RATHER ON THE HEAVEN’S FEEL MOVIE THAT I HAVE TO WAIT FOR. I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE MOVIE TO SEE MY WAIFU IN ACTION.




I’m not going to lie to you, just like J.R., I DESPISE Sword Art Online as it failed at giving out details to the so called game they were playing plus the many characters . But when Log Horizon came out, it blew my mind on how accurate the series portrayed MMORPGs. Log Horizon is of course based on a light novel just like Sword Art. But unlike Sword Art’s writer, Mamare Touno has personally played many MMOs and even Dungeons and Dragons which explains why the detail is so amazing…AHEM let’s get back on track. Season two continues soon after Nureha’s visit as Akihabara is experiencing a decline. Shiroe and Naotsugu ventures north and gathers a raid in hopes of fixing Akiba’s problem. For all you action junkies that felt a lack of battles last season, this season starts off with raid and possible trouble in Akihabara. If any of you felt there was something wrong with the animation, the animation director for this season changed to DEEN. I myself find it the animation a bit lacking compared to the last season. Animation isn’t everything to me though. As long as Mamare keeps me hooked with the story, I am here to stay for the Database.



Last but not least, we have Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road. I am glad that they started the second season in the fall to fill in the gap that Haikyuu!! made after it was finished. Grande Road starts right as team Sohoku catches up to the front. Sohoku, Hakone, and Kyoto Fushimi battle it out to take first place on the second day of the Inter High race. The anime feels as if it never stopped to have the summer season off, which is a good thing. The anime also doesn’t stop with the tension of the teams reaching the goal. The tension to race to the finish is similar to Haikyuu’s first to twenty-five points battle. A big down side I have with the series so far is the sudden flashback scenes we get.  Of course it adds depth to the characters, but there are more appropriate times to do it since we are so close to the end of only the second day and have one more to go. I swear, the race to the goal should have been reached within the first three episodes. But considering how long the first season is, I shouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of thing. I probably have to get back into the Yowapedal zone.


I’d love to talk more about anime this season but you’ll have to wait til next week! I hope you enjoyed my rant and leave you off with this amazing opening.


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