Giga-Journal: Monday madness!

Giga-Journal: Monday madness!

Dear Giga-Journal,

Hey there it’s me Dustin and I am taking over the Giga-journal for Monday wuhahahahaha!………I bet your wonder, “What happened to JR?!” Well he had to work lol loser. Seriously though lets talk about stuff……..

So this past weekend I went to LA for a friends birthday and a cosplay meet up. I got to say the drive up there was pretty easy. Also I had a blast and got to meet so many cool people. I even saw some Power Ranger cosplayers and they were super cool. So expect the pictures I took to be up soon which you will see on our facebook.

So one more little thing before I go. Today IGN announced that some big Metal Gear Solid V will be coming out on Wednesday March 4, 2015. So a lot of people are thinking that Kojima will finally tell up the release date for MGSV! As many people know JR works at GameStop and he said there system states that MGSV will come out April 5, 2015.

Here is a link to the countdown!

So that’s it for me. See you guys next time and tomorrow JR will be doing his journal.


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