Giga-Journal: Trading Tuesdays!

Giga-Journal: Trading Tuesdays!

Live Long and Prosper

By: J.R TafoyaHead Writer

Tuesday, March 3rd –

   Did you miss me, Giga-Friends!? I know you did. While me may have similar names, Dustin is hardly a worthy substitute for someone as amazing as me, right? . .  . Love you Dustin!


The myth, the man, the legend.

The myth, the man, the legend.

  Anyway, I had a very long shift yesterday, so I forc- . . . I mean, “asked” Dustin to take my place yesterday. Work can be such a pain in the butt, right? Too bad I love money so much. . .

   This past week some stuff happened, most notably Mr. Leonard Nimoy’s passing. As a nerd-related blog, that’s probably the most prominent for us. Most of us have seen, or at least heard of, Star Trek. Whether or not you liked it, you have to admit that it did bring about a ton of ideas that were so completely foreign when it first started that it was damn near revolutionary. Some people might even say that they helped inspire a technological boom, as it were. Leonard Nimoy was famous for playing Spock, the cold and unfeeling Vulcan of the first Star Trek series. Flawlessly executed, intelligently acted, and ultimately a milestone in terms of sci-fi acting. Nimoy was an inspiration to a myriad of people, nerds and actors alike.

   We recognize him for this role alone. But, his life was so much more. An actor, writer, director, song-writer, voice-over artist, and photographer, Leonard Nimoy was a man of many talents and loves. I hope that we can see him for his achievements in life, rather than the shape of his ears. I hope that we can see him for his philosophies and poetry, rather than the character he played.

  Anyway, that’s enough of that. Time to get happy people!



Murderer's are all bad, right? Nope. Nothing is ever that black and white in this show!

Murderer’s are all bad, right? Nope. Nothing is ever that black and white in this show!

Oh, I’d never forget, my Giga-Lovlies! I’ve been in love with Death Parade ever since the first episode and it has yet to disappoint me. It’s such a new take on how we view life and death that’s made its way into anime. It’s honestly hard not to love. There are several moral battles in the show that really bring about a new depth to anime I haven’t seen in a long time. In fact, the show has recently started to make me question my own morality. I know, as a Catholic kid, that most of the things I’ve been taught are pretty black and white. But, if what happened in episode 8 happened to me, I can’t say I wouldn’t be enraged to the point of murder either. I honestly love how Death Parade make me take into question my own morals. Also, the music is darn amazing. If you love Jazz or Blues, you’ll love this show.

Did I forget to mention Nyanta-san? Because he gets another fight scene and it ROCKS!

Did I forget to mention Nyanta-san? Because he gets another fight scene and it ROCKS!

   Secondly, I’m still loving Log Horizon. I’d honestly thought the new arc about the kids was going to drag on and was there just for filler, but I was quickly proven wrong. We find out a lot about the kids, Touya and Isuzu take the spotlight this time. Touya in particular revealed something about himself that played very well into the story. We find out more about the People of the Land and how they view the Adventurers. We also find out that not every can adapt to the new world as well as our heroes, and that death would be more welcome than this new “life” they’re living.

   One character, Rundel Haus Code (or for me: Golden Rudy-triever), has actually been a fantastic point of the story. I often forget that he isn’t an Adventurer, but a People of the Land. Through him, we can see what the other People of the Land are thinking and why they act the way they do. The information he provides doesn’t just make him a tool for the writer, it helps complete him as a character. Again, please watch this show so we can talk about it!

   Anyway, that’s it for me Giga-Friends. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and an even better week!

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