Giga-Journal: Martial Arts Mondays!

Giga-Journal: Martial Arts Mondays!

New Fighting Games,

Same Ol’ J.R!

By: J.R TafoyaHead Writer

Tuesday, March 9th –

   Hello again, Giga-Landers! J.R here on MONDAY this time to fill your hearts with joy and your eyes with tears . . . OF HAPPINESS! Yes. I am just that nice.


If anything, it has amazing artwork. Not sure if Tony Taka is still doing it though.

If anything, it has amazing artwork. Not sure if Tony Taka is still doing it though.

  Anyway, this past week I snagged a couple games, because I decided twenty bucks wouldn’t kill me this month. The first one was Ar Nosurge: Ode to An Unborn Star. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but it seems to be a spiritual successor to the Ar Tonelico series. I’ve loved the Ar Tonelico series for a long time, ever since my friend Doug introduced me to them. They explored a more psychological side to RPGs that we don’t often see. Things like Duty vs. Hedonism, Confidence vs. Self-Loathing, and even things like Inferiority Complexes were explored in the games. Even though the third and final installment of the game left a bit to be desired, and one of the heroines endings was almost insulting, I’ve looked fondly on the series as a whole. I hope this game can bring back those elements and restore the series.


Yuzuriha best character! She is really proud of her smart phone.

Yuzuriha best character!
She is really proud of her smart phone.

Secondly was Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late. And even though the title is confusing, it’s actually a really fun fighting game. Brought to use by the company French-Bread, the creators of the acclaimed Melty Blood series, this game is fun for newbies and engaging for veterans alike. Sadly, most all of the games mechanics are unexplained in the game. Instead, you have to visit the wiki page to get an understanding of the system. Even then, it might beat out BlazBlue and Dengeki Bunko for best anime fighter so far. There aren’t very many characters yet, but the all seem very well balanced. In fact, a tier-list means nothing to most fighters in the hands of a veteran player! The balancing seems very even and I’m definitely enjoying it so far. My favorite character: Yuzuriha (Aoko-sensei 2.0 with a giant katana named “Ayamae-chan” in tow).



Roe 2! She's a Rubber Ma- . . . I mean, Vampire!

Roe 2! She’s a Rubber Ma- . . . I mean, Vampire!

  Log Horizon’s “Minori & Co.” arc is finally coming to a close. While Minori and Serara go almost completely unused, Touya, Isuzu, and Rudy shine through brilliantly. Not only do we get to find out more about The People of the Lands’ views on Adventurers, we get to see a lot of character development from the newbies. I am a little sad that Roe 2, our eccentric summoner, has left the group but I am happy with how it turned out. I do feel that a few parts during the arc were dragged out more than needed, and some other more interesting points could have been expounded upon better, but altogether it was a fun side story. Also, Nyanta-san’s fight was bloody amazing!

   Also, for some unknown reason, I’m still watching Koufuku Graffiti. I really, truly, honestly, have no idea why I’m still watching it! I think that ever since I watched Non-non Biyori, I’ve had to watch at least one slice-of-life per season. I mean, it is cute, and aside from all the yuri-bait it’s a fun watch. Though, the biggest problem is how damn good they make the food look. I always get hungry, specifically for Japanese food, when  I watch this show. I highly suggest you avoid this show if you’re on a diet. IT WOULD BE LIKE TORTURE!!!

   Anyway my friends, I hope you have a great Monday, and an even better week!

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