Sunshine’s Super Saturday: Gearing up for Con

Sunshine’s Super Saturday: Gearing up for Con

I’m sure you’ve all heard that I love one local convention more than the others — being that I am the maven of tabletop mayhem, the mistress of dice, the guru of GURPS — it would have to be a tabletop gaming convention!

That con is of course, Kingdom-Con!!!! In just over a month, we will be able to go hangout in hotel circle, check out board games, play and run tabletop roleplaying games, and see the world of miniatures in various forms taking place all over the area. As usual, Gigaventure will do our best to provide clear, comprehensive coverage of all the events and get you a look at the best bits of the world of tabletop gaming!

This is truly a “just have fun” convention, whether you’re a hardcore tabletop nerd like me, or just someone who likes to dabble, it’ll be a blast!!

In other news, I am working on revamping my youtube channel with a regular show/podcast about my typical shenanigans, and I hope you’ll join me!

I apologize for the long hiatus of Actual Play podcasts, we’re working on that, since we all have varied work schedules, it may be revamped into a new thing!!

Until next time, good day, and good gaming!


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