Giga-Journal: Went To A Con This Past Weekend! . . . Mondays!

Giga-Journal: Went To A Con This Past Weekend! . . . Mondays!

The Art of Psycho-cology(?)

Anime and Games Ver.

By: J.R TafoyaHead Writer

Monday, March 23rd –


Even though I don't think it's the original artist's work, I'm still enthralled by the artwork.

Even though I don’t think it’s the original artist’s work, I’m still enthralled by the artwork.

   Hello again, on this fine Monday my Giga-Friends! Are you all ready for Bloodborne to come out tonight? No? . . . Me neither. So . . . we went to Hanadoki Con this weekend! . . . I didn’t do anything though, so I’m gonna talk about games.

Thankfully I’ve been pretty enthralled with Ar Nosurge, preferring to switch between the English and Japanese voices alike. Some may call it unnecessary, some may call it insane . . . I agree. I like both sets of voice actors, and I want to hear it in English . . . but I want to hear it in Japanese! I’m so indecisive!!!

Honestly, this is what I expected for most of the game. And I was wrong.

Honestly, this is what I expected for most of the game. And I was wrong.

Anyway, it’s been pretty fun so far. If you’ve played the other Ar Tonelico games, or read some of my other articles, this one takes “Diving” a step further. In Ar Nosurge it is possible for a human and his partner to Dive into another’s mind together. I thought that this would just be another way to “anime” things up with fan-service and all that, but it had a very good way of bringing up the slightest of ideas that had been completely invisible to me. A relationship that had been cute and bubbly on the outside had been something of a farce on both ends. A couple of girls who were reliant upon each other since childhood had developed into a co-dependent relationship. Topics like this are one of the reasons I love this series so much, and a reason why I’m enjoying the crap out of it!

I had recently wanted to start playing Tales of Zestiria again because of one particular picture that David showed me . . .  But I really don’t think it’s enough to rekindle that fire in me. However desperate I am to -not- have wasted money, that feeling is mitigated by the amount of salt I will have while playing the game. *Sigh* If only I could just lower the CRAP out of my expectations. . . Oh wait! . . .



Oh yeah. That's what we've been waiting for! Shiroe to MAKE s*** get real!

Oh yeah. That’s what we’ve been waiting for! Shiroe to MAKE s*** get real!

Maria the Virgin Witch and Death Parade still top the charts for me, personally. But, I can’t forget about Log Horizon. The season is coming to a close quickly, and I’m really not sure where they are going with it. I definitely hope they won’t end it so abruptly, as I really do enjoy the endeavors of Shiroe and Co. There has been an overload of information just streaming from the show these last two episodes: Empathions, MP, People of the Land just SLEEPING on the job, Assassinations, and effin’ Moths. It looks like they’re trying to end it, but I honestly haven’t kept up with the light novel at all, so I can’t say for certain. And, while this season may have been vastly different than the last one, I have enjoyed my time with it.

Watching Maria and Death Parade has been a riveting experience. Both have forced me to take my own morality and though processes into account on a few occasions. David and I actually frequently argue about some of the characters in Death Parade and, while I am pretty terrible at arguing, we often come to a stand still. I think both of these anime have done what they set out to do: Make us think. If, for even one second, you doubt something, or question a certain idea, then I think that the show has successfully completed one of its tasks. My only complaint is that they are so short. I often regret the fact that such amazing characters can only act on stage for such a short amount of time. But, I guess that’s what makes them beautiful as well.

Again, I highly suggest all three of these anime. Check ’em out!

Anyway, that’s it again for me on this day. I hope you have a great Monday, and an even better week!

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