Freaky Friday: With Sunshine!

Freaky Friday: With Sunshine!

Howdy folks!!!

So, of course, some of you know me, and some of you just know me as the person who does the tabletop stuff!

So, I work retail, selling phones and other such electronic gizmos that make people smile and go “Check out this cool thing I got!” and it has made me…. hmmm… shall we say less active than I used to be.

So, typical of a lady, I had a “fat day” yesterday — and while it is okay to have days when you’re down on your self-esteem, sabotaging my body and my health is never a good idea! So, as part of my journal, not only will you hear about my plans for gaming, but also you’ll get some updates on how my weight is going.

While its generally a social faux-pas to ask a woman her weight, I’m starting out at a bit over 150, and we will work on getting it down from there!!!

Also, I am usually not a fan of scary games, HOWEVER! In honor of Halloween, I am going to be streaming “The Evil Within” on PS4 — both on my personal channel and on Gigaventure’s until we beat it, I freak out enough to never play it again, or I get sucked into a mystical evil portal to another dimension…. who knows!!!

I do apologize for the delay in podcasting, my weight and a few family issues plus working fulltime has made some of my enthusiasm wane, however, with some new energy and a positive streak building through me, I say lets get into some great gaming, good fun, and amazing streams!!!

Remember that tomorrow is Extra-Life!!! So support some streams, and go have some fun!!



PS the dress in the featured image is one I wanna get to wear on my birthday!!!


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