Giga-Journal: M-ANime Monday

Giga-Journal: M-ANime Monday

Offense? Or, On-the-Fence?

Also, Anime That’s Ending

By: J.R TafoyaHead Writer

Monday, March 30th –

Hello and good Monday Giga-Friends! J.R here again with another tale of wondrous wonder! Or . . .  something . . . ?

Anyway, I’ve been hard at work for the Giga-site to get my article ready for the end of this season and the upcoming season. “Hard at work” obviously meaning “watching a butt-load of anime”. But, hey, who’s counting, right?

Accurate representation? Man, I might make a few enemies pretty soon.

Accurate representation? Man, I might make a few enemies pretty soon.

On a separate note, I’ve never really been active in any forum community. Ever. I like to lurk, see what people think and say, and talk about it with my friends in real life. One thing I have noticed, though, is a rise in the SJW, or “Social Justice Warriors”. A very heated debate on “What Offends You in Video Games” brought out a lot of people on both sides, each preferring to cut down their arguments into Ad Hominem. So, as per usual, I took to asking my friends if games were really that big of a deal. Well . . . apparently it is. Where the hell have I been!? Probably under a rock watching anime or something, am I right? . . .

Anyway, most of us agreed that video games were an avoidable art-form in society. Unlike swearing or Bronies, which are unavoidable by the law of numbers, video games are almost entirely avoidable. Which brings me to the point, if you don’t like what a game is about, don’t play it. Nothing sends a stronger message than money. If big AAA companies aren’t making money on a certain game, they start to take notice of what’s happening. Then again, that’s an idealistic thought process as well. So, mayhap ignore that as well.

Tekken 7's new character, Lucky Chloe. Everyone seems to have forgotten about one aspect during the debate: Her fighting style!

Tekken 7’s new character, Lucky Chloe. Everyone seems to have forgotten about one aspect during the debate: Her fighting style!

One quandary I ran into recently pertained specifically to Tekken 7 and its new character, Lucky Chloe. A young, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who seems to be completely infatuated with the Japanese Idol culture denoted by her cat ears, large cat-paw sleeves, and cat tail. Apparently, this caused a huge uproar with a lot of people. “She’s just there to be eye-candy for the nerds”, “this large breasted girl is sexist towards women”, and “she doesn’t fit the ‘serious’ tone of the game”. To the former two, I really, truly don’t understand the problem. Not that I’m trying to sound blasé about the subject, but I am completely ignorant as to why it’s a problem. I don’t think a girl having large breasts is sexist, nor do I think Harada is dumb enough to add a character just for sex appeal (it already has plenty). T0 the third problem, this “serious” game is rife with characters like a luchador wearing a leopard mask who speaks in growls and snarls, a bloody robot who looks like a beefy-er version of the Terminator, a boxing kangaroo, and a mother effing bear that uses karate! “Serious” flew out the window around the late 90’s when they implemented a farting dinosaur, ladies and gents!

Here is my 2 cents, you can keep it or throw it back in my face. I’ll be happy either way!


When failing at tying someone's hair so hard, that it literally backfires. IT'S ADORABLE!

When failing at tying someone’s hair so hard, that it literally backfires. IT’S ADORABLE!

   So, the end of the season is finally upon us. Log Horizon, Shirobako, Death Parade, and Seven Deadly Sins have all ended already. Log Horizon’s final episode reminded me of why I loved the show in the first place: Shiroe. His masterful chess moves, his ability to read several steps ahead in battle, his nefarious ploys to throw everyone off, everything was present in the last episode that made the anime great! Shiroe truly earned his “Villain in Glasses” title during the last episode and it was abundantly clear that we missed that side of him for almost the entire season. David, Dustin, and I all had a lengthy discussion about this season of Log Horizon. One thing we all agreed on 100% was that there was a sore lack of Shiroe doing . . . well, anything this season. He takes a back seat to a lot of character development, sorely needed development at that, and ends up only being secondary character for a large portion of the show. While I definitely loved the show and watching all the characters grow, we felt like they wasted several episodes on things that could have been played out much better and smoother. But, in the end, we all liked this season and what it had to offer.

   On a second note, while things are ending, I have randomly started yet another anime. Adding to my list of backlogged anime, I started watching Kiniro Mosaic. A cute slice-of-life anime about a group of young girls in high school, the most prominent being the foreign exchange student, Alice. As the only blonde-haired blue-eyed English girl in the school, she stands out like a sore thumb, which does nothing to abate her prominent shyness, but it does make it terribly adorable! I was promised a load of feels for this anime, so I better damn well get them!!! I mean. . .

. . . . . .  SOMETHING MANLY!

Yeah, saved it.

Anyway, that’s it for me today! I hope all you Giga-Friends out there have a great Monday, and an even better week!

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