Fabulous Friday: Updates and Ruminations

Fabulous Friday: Updates and Ruminations

Hey there Giga-landers! Sunshine here, just wanted to give you all an update on whats been going on. So far I have been going strong with my game Thursday nights at the card shop. I’ve found a core group of peeps who we have a blast playing with! I’ve also had some positive developments in my personal life which is going awesome so far!

The only odd thing is I was granted a new title at work…. which does absolutely nothing except change my title, same pay, same responsibilities, same everything! Still it continues to go well so that is a big plus for me. And finally, convention season is beginning to be upon us!!! The end of the month is Kingdom-Con, and I am so super amazed and stoked for it this year!!! I’m expecting great things, and even have a room booked so I don’t have to miss even a minute of the action!!! What can I say, I am a true tabletop nerd!!!

I have also managed to beat Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, which was shorter than I thought, but still overall a good story. It definitely felt like a much shorter version of Black Flag, and I think I like the length and character development of Unity a bit better, however the characterization was pretty good for what we saw in Rogue. I’m also excited to hear about the future of the series.

Well, thats it for me on a Friday, so until next time, may your lucky dice, get even luckier!



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